Ancient history of India & Indians

True ancient history of India,bharat,buddhism,sikhism,Indians,Islam,Hinduism,Hindus,Aryans,Muslims in south & central Asia


Ancient history timeline of Indian subcontinent can be divided into 4 major turning points

Prehistoric Era

There was nothing or no landscapes called “India” in ancient world. Its was created just 60 some years ago(see the modern-era below) . For the most part of prehistory, the sub-continent was inhabited by different races of men. The Indian Genome Variation Consortium (2008), divides the population of the subcontinent into three ethnic groups living separated from each others by culture,linguistic & racial differences —
# Northern-India(was part of Ancient Aryan-Bharat,along with pak,kashmir,afgana) Indo-European, (mostly belonging to Vedic-Dharma & Aryan Culture) # Eastern-India(Part of Mongoloid Chinese kingdom) Tibeto-Burman and ( influenced by Buddhism after buddha) # Southern-India (Was part of ancient “Dravida-Nadu” grouped with Srilanka,andaman,Kumari-kandam & Malay-region)Austro-Asiatic /Dravidian (Non-Hindus with their own culture/religion/language/social systems)
Along with many other ethnicity undocumented/extinct. surrounded by greed,luster,corruption & none of the ancient groups ever cared to build their own homogeneous nations, as seen in most civilized parts of the world. A “United Nation of India” was far from a “WET-DREAM”.

Middle-Era (Islamic)

Islam ,Christianity , Arabs & Abrahamites flocked to South-Asia. As usually, they found the loop-hole to exploit, which was thousands of years old animosity, internal clash & sabotage among the ethnicity /racial groups. The inferior/backward races converted en-mass  to  group with mighty Arabs  in the hope of removing their “humble-identity” & teach the superior races/Vedic-Hindus some good lessons.
Islam,Arabs & new-converts joined hands & rampaged through the Aryan kingdoms in the aim of making a level-playing field(the typical goal of Abrahamic-agenda), by destroying noble & Aryan’s legacy from all aspects. Today, South-Asia holds largest Muslim population, obviously that came from miscegenation of all races (natives or invaders). To counter the invaders threats, Vedic-Aryans started Abrahamization of their Vedic Dharma, with a view to accommodate all races in “Hindu-League” or keep them from converting to Islam/Christianity. There came the #hinduism,#buddhism,#jainism,#AryaSamaj,#vaisnavism, #Sikhism,#HareKrishnaMovement, #UnityInDiversity, #peace, #tolerance,#Ahimsa,#hinduMuslimsVaiVai etc.etc. Typical loser’s way to eat humble-pie,huh?

Post-Mid-age (Anglo-English Colonization 1858 To 1947 )

Following other Europeans, Brits happened here due to business/financial activities. The company realized that the powerless sterile “raj-Hindus” need their assistance in kicking-out the sultan-rulers & rabid Islamization. So, the history repeated itself & Aryans/raj-hindus joined hands with Racialist Brits (the same way backward-races joined Muslims/Arabs). Thus, THE HUNTER BECAME THE HUNTED.Racialist (or racist/whatever you call it) Brits , tried to do EugenicsSocial-Engineering etc. to fix this multi-racial cesspool. Caste system & regional divide became all-time strongest(ever since Vedic-aryan Era). Only Aryan type Brahmans,Kshatriyas,Sikhs,Punjabi,Pashtuns & all other martial-races were used to get upheld which, certainly pissed off vile, primitive, opportunist backward races & Muslims of humble-origin. India again(ever since the Vedic era) started flourishing as a civilization & consolidated nation! (that’s what happens when Aryans rule, right? Rail, Roads, wells, electricity, light, Trum, motor-vehicles, library, colleges, universities, researchers, mathematicians, powerful-army, elite-families. Boy! DON’T just effing believe what today’s Indians & Gandhi says to you regarding the British Era. So, guess what? majority of non-Aryans (of both hindu/muslim faith), got desperate to dethrone “Anglo-Hindu raj”, as they could see how the real filth were getting cleansed. Poor-Brits! Hitler weakened them up to the point to draw-back from here! And ugly-frogs like Gandhi took the credit of independence!
indian freedom fighter
gandhi india

Modern Era (1947 to present)

After all these corruptions & degeneracy of ancient era,What you can expect now? Typical! A nation with majority of vile-looking thugs, freebooters, rascals, scoundrels, corrupted, greedy, lesser-men & rapists of backward races, plus their half-blood fi*lth*y mong*rel*s that kept breeding like Roa*ches.

churchill india british colony
churchill india british colony


4 thoughts on “Ancient history of India & Indians

  1. According to the classification given here, prehistoric era of india is the most important time in its journey.If we undermine this part, history of India will be incomplete.


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