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Debunking the myth of love-jihad & Hindutawadi,RSS,BJP,Bajrangi,moral-police anti-Muslim extremism & hypocrisy,lies of Indians.


As funny as the term suggests. It’s an innovation of those ape-faced piss-drinkers who abuse Muslims saying that Hindu-girls are being fooled & groomed by Muslim men ,including conversion to Islam & adopting to purdah,nekab,scarf & Islamic life style.
Recently it has gained a lot of noise from piss-drinking apes.

“HEE Vagwan! save our Hindu grils from love-jihad”
Hindu khatre main hae!(Hindus are in danger)
Hinduo ki sankha raash horaye hae (कम हो रही हिंदुओं की संख्या) (Hindu population is decreasing)

Historically the case is always the otherwise:
From the era of Jodha-Akbar, to new age inter-religious marriages,Its their desperate girls that try to trap good-looking Muslim males. (to upgrade their next-generation). Every invader came in India & their girls mingled with them.Even today, their girls are dying to date white-males,while living in western-nations(as per dating trends). As a matter of fact,most south-Asian+white inter-racial marriages are between white-males trapped by their cheap-girls & NEVER a pathan/muslim/arab girl.

Now some counter-logic for those virat-hindutawadis:

#Muslim girls never go with Hindu boys
there are dozens of examples be it in Bollywood be it in real-life. It’s just that average ape-faced Hindu/Indian males are not smart & good looking enough to attract those sweet-hearts. Now what? you want to blame those Muslim girls for not falling in love with you?you want to force her?

#Hindu girls are forced to convert, after marriage:
oh really? here’s a testimonial of a girl that is happily married to a madrasi Muslim boy & eating beef with satisfaction!

hindu girl married & converted to islamOh yeah! even the hindutavadi,patriot Indian’s chanyakka, Subramaniyam swami’s girl too 😉 why he doesn’t look in his home first?

victim of love jihad
indian patriots

His family needs rescue, more than any other average Hindu families. But he knows what he’s doing! acting & politics make a great deal of money in India, where average IQ is same as Sub-Saharan-Africa.

Honestly speaking, as a Muslim boy having Kashmiri roots, i can say that these types are not my cup of tea. I was proposed & approached by many hindu girls but they just don’t turn me on.

greasy haired mallu
happily married & converted to islam- half- negrilo south-indian bastard

Obviously Kiran Rao has had 7-heaven’s luck & fortune to have the most handsome khan of Bollywood. Even i too feel sad for the high caste Muslim males destroying their blood line. Yeah! i don’t support love-jihad too.
Stop & control your girls, Hindus, if you can! Nobody would be more happier than us Muslims.

Our admin wrote:
“Subbu ?Are you serious? when average Muslim girls look such cute & divine”………..
beautiful muslim girl


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