Love-Jihad : from a Muslim boy’s perspective

Debunking the myth of love-jihad & Hindu-nationalists, RSS, BJP, Bajrangi, moral-police anti-Muslim extremism & hypocrisy, lies of Indians.


As funny as the term suggests, It’s a recent innovation of those ape-faced cow-piss drinkers (slime-bag looking Indian males that shit in Ganges ) who abuse Muslims saying that Hindu-girls are being fooled & groomed by Muslim men , including conversion to Islam & adopting to purdah, nekab, scarf & Islamic life style.
Recently it has gained a lot of noise from cow-piss-drinking apes.

“HEE Vagwan! save our Hindu grils from love-jihad”
Hindu khatre main hae!(Hindus are in danger)
Hinduo ki sankha raash horaye hae (कम हो रही हिंदुओं की संख्या) (Hindu population is decreasing)

Historically the case is always the otherwise:

From the era of Jodha-Akbar, to new age inter-religious marriages, Its their desperate girls that try to trap good-looking Muslim males (to upgrade their next-generation). Every invader came in India & their girls mingled with them, they open legs faster than they breathe. Even today, their girls (most of whom are usually goddamn ugly) are dying to date white-males, while living in western-nations(as per dating trends). As a matter of fact, most south-Asian+white inter-racial marriages are between white-males trapped by their cheap-girls & NEVER a pathan/muslim/arab/pakistani girl. Its that monkey-races that have the biggest-mouth.

Now some counter-logic for those Indian-nationalists:

#Muslim girls hardly go with Hindu/non-muslim boys

there are dozens of examples be it in Bollywood be it in real-life. It’s just that average ape-faced Hindu/Indian males are not smart & good looking enough to attract those sweet-hearts. Now what? you want to blame those Muslim girls for not falling in love with you? you want to force her?

#Hindu girls are forced to convert, after marriage:

BULLSHIT meter 100%.
Here’s a testimonial of a girl that is happily married to a madrasi/tamil Muslim boy & eating beef with satisfaction!

hindu girl married & converted to islam
Oh yeah! even the Hindu-nationalist dirt-bag “Subramaniyam swami’s daughter  too  😉  why he doesn’t look in his home first?

victim of love jihad
indian patriots

His family needs rescue, more than any other Hindu families. But he knows what he’s doing! acting & politics make a great deal of money in India, where average IQ is same as Sub-Saharan-Africa. Non-Caucasian mixed Ape-races don’t use brain that often.

Honestly speaking, as a Muslim boy having Kashmiri roots, i can say that these types are not my cup of tea. I was proposed & approached by many hindu girls but they just don’t turn me on.

greasy haired mallu
happily married & converted to islam- half- negrilo south-indian bastard

Obviously Kiran Rao has had 7-heaven’s luck & fortune to have the most handsome khan of Bollywood. Even i too feel sad for the high caste Muslim males destroying their blood line. Yeah! i don’t support love-jihad too.
Stop & control your girls, Hindus, if you can! Nobody would be more happier than us Muslims.

Our admin wrote:
“Dear Subbu & all Hindu-nationalists?Are you serious? when average Muslim girls look such cute & divine”………..
beautiful muslim girl


25 thoughts on “Love-Jihad : from a Muslim boy’s perspective

  1. Arabi turki ki gaandoo aulaad, jidhar milegi, jab milegi udhar teraa baakaaydaa balaatkaar karoongaa!

    ‘Dabba’ haath main aate hi koi bhi chootiyaa mulla maulvi aur pandit ban jaataa hai.


      1. Gandoo

        Abbe kum se kum meraa ek sampoorna itihaas toh hai. Tu toh naa jaane kis turki yaa hor kissi Central Asian banjaare ki SHOODRA aulaad hai! Koi bhi kaam kar letaa hai hor kahin bhi bhund marwaane ke liye hameshaa taiyyaar ho janda hai. Tu ‘Arya’ toh ho hi nahin saktaa! Pataa nahin kyaa gaandoo khichdee race hain yeh khatree aur yeh rore

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ”Yours truly”

    You are nothing more than a “self-hating nigger” , sad fuck.

    Please accept the harsh truth and please die with shame; we all have had been bored to death, for almost an eternity now.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oogity boogity! I was under a robust impression that you did not really comprehend the prim and the proper English.


  3. ‘Bhosdaa’

    Oggity boogity! Now the confused of the past two millenia is saying that all the shastras etc. etc. have no credibility whatsoever.

    You changed track all over again, ‘hodge-podge’.


      1. Fear is the spear which is used with great success to bully lame fucks from the East of the East Indies such as Sahil Mookerjee. It is a deadly weapon but not all have the balls to use it properly, limp dick.


  4. Sohil er Sahil Mookerjee is truly a ‘hodge-podge’. His head is firmly in the clouds. Little wonder, he comes across as the confused of the past two millenia.


  5. ‘Bhosdaa’

    Tonight it’s going to be us, the two of us, my dick and your ass. I assure you that I will be ‘brutal’ on your sorry lame ass.


      1. I shall bhe habhing your sorry arse sabhagely fucked bhy the Indian Moslems as and bhhen I catch you, “fag” . Do die bhith shame, “neutered cat” .


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