Rape Crisis: why?

A brief analysis & details on rape crisis, fake cases, allegations, blackmailing in India, from an Aryan-Hindu perspective.

Rape crisis in India

Rape crisis in India is in discussion for a while now, across the world.

Not all Indian males are rapists ,That’s true as much as saying all of them are NOT saints.Out of 1.25billion population, a few rape cases maybe an over exaggeration by global media.But, the fact is, still horrific rapes & incidents of sexual attacks happening in India,which was not the case even 20years ago.
A nation where its Hindu culture/religion a majority & they are said to be worshipers of Devi(goddess)/womanhood, how come these sexual attacks crimes in India just defying sub-Saharan nations in that regard?
First, you need to take a look at why rapes happen in India.

1. Extreme male to female ration:
Over whelming amount of males compared to females due to misogyny culture of India. American “planned parenthood” program is actually needed in India. It’s mostly the backward races/ethnic groups that breed beyond control & Indian govt actually supports this population boom. The more slavish population, the most money they can make out of the biggest market-zone.

2. Fake cases: recently its also found by investigation that many Indian girls raising fake rape cases for money/any other purpose.India in general is a corrupted mess & mayhem with no laws,honesty,ethics & supervisions. And You expect any better from Indian girls? From police , politicians,leaders to coolie/labors- all are corrupted ,liars & thieves. It just shows their collective pictures of physiology.They wont spare any chances to rape a foreign white women tourists.

3. Collective ugliness of backward ethnic groups: Majority of Indian population today are coming from hideous austro-asiatic,wedoid,munda & their stocks. Of course it’s not the Aryan/Caucasoid looking one’s that rape but guess what? these type of creatures:

nirbhaya delhi rape convicts-rape crisis
rape  victim & rapist

British dentist jumped from window to save her self from getting raped by Indian kooli
danish girl raped by indian-rape crisis
Why all these? The following picture explains it why:
Unhappy-Brides-ugly-india- rape crisisAnd,when their girls fail to attract their own types.

The worst thing you were yet to see:
Indian cricketer raped an African woman in Harare! Yeah, mahan-varat!

Any wonder why the Aryans got almost extinct in mainland-India?

indian males gwaking white women- rape crisis
any wonder why Aryans /beauty can’t sustain In India?

The goddess & Aryan Hindu legend women figurines only exist in a few north-Indian clans & mostly, in pictures/wallpapers!

aryan hindu ramayan gods- rape crisis
hindu god & goddess

How many Indian males you see that represent Indra,Rama/Indra/Vedic gods?

Well, these godly physicals features exist only in books,imagination, pictures & Bollywood as-well. India remains more unsafe for women than war-torn Afghanistan & Pakistan.


12 thoughts on “Rape Crisis: why?

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