Churchill Hitler & other westerner leaders on India

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India, with historic references to their thoughts on India, her peoples, cultures & religions.

Source: Churchill Hitler & other westerner leaders on India

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India

Honest,real reviews from day to day westerners/civilized world:(Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon on India)
The western genius peoples/legends that changed the world as well as shaped the civilization of western powers.

First of all, does it matter what Indians or any other 3rd world populations think of him or any western politicians? Bin-Laden was terrorist to USA & Israel but maybe a savior for Muslim world. Opinions , perspectives & notions are variables.
Blaming or hating Churchill would be easy, but not changing these sickening pictures coming out of “mahan-nation” India even if it’s 2016.

open poo india toilet dirty
open poo India toilet dirty

There’s no denying that India is still the biggest 3rd world nation with most amount of subjugated,slave populations living in total chaos & under extreme poverty-line. And there’s no recovery for this 1.3billion heterogeneous populations given India’s available resources. In India you may live a kings life with 2$/hour income & be satisfied/patriotic but it’s the lowest of the low standard when compared globally.

Not only Churchill, but a lot of western politicians/figures expressed their concern & absorbance on India, it’s peoples & religions/cultures.
Okay , you can hate on Churchill as much as you want but here goes “Churchill Kissinger Hitler Nixon & India”

Nixon on India

Indians are “a slippery, treacherous people“, said the late US president Richard Nixon.
The Indians are bastards anyway. They are the most aggressive g**damn people around”,

echoed his assistant for national security affairs, Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger on India

“Indians are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”– Winston Churchill

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India

What about hitler? He was anti-British colonialist to the core but what he said?how he defied the appeal of semi-austro-asiatic looking “Subhas Chandra Bose”?

Hitler’s views on India were disparaging.[74] He considered the British colonial rule of the subcontinent as an exemplary one and intended the German rule in the occupied East to resemble it.[74] Hitler thought little of the Indian independence movement, declaring the freedom fighters to be racially inferior “Asiatic jugglers”.[74] As early as 1930 he spoke of the Indian freedom movement as the rebellion of the “lower Indian race against the superior English Nordic race“, and that the British were free to deal with any subversive Indian activists as they liked.[75] In 1937 he told the British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax that the British should “shoot Gandhi, and if this doesn’t suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of the Congress, and if that doesn’t suffice shoot 200, and so on, as you make it clear that you mean business.”[75] During the same discussion Hitler reportedly told Halifax that one of his favorite films was The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, because it depicted a handful of “superior race” Britons holding sway over an entire continent.[76]

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India

Hitler & Nazis wanted to split Asia/India into Caucasian/Aryans & non-Aryan zone:
A few parts of North-India & Pakistan that represent Caucasoid/Aryan phenomenon.

Now, after years of emancipation of Anglo/western world, forced introduction of PC culture, still the images are intact…

Boy! don’t just trust what your great-Indian politicians,leaders,rulers,baniyas feed your brain! your India is noway a ‘mahan /great’ nation yet,by any means/measures.

Its still looked down as an over populated,dirty, heterogeneous,poverty-ridden,chaotic,loud,noisy,misogynist,stupid, miscegenation, thuggish,hideous 3rdworld nation ,run by corrupted,greedy politicians,freebooters &savage scoundrels with lawlessness,which India really is.

Not asking to believe anyone anything, benefit for me either way, just visit a real western/Asian nation & look to India from there! you will see it.

Biggest mistake :never ever listen to a western hippie-tourist/iskon bhakta Russian lady praising India/Indian stuffs/Hinduism.

Bottom line: Sugar-coated lies are more poisonous than the cold-hard-facts coming out of enemy’s mouth. If you fail to grasp the reality & correct yourself, then Churchill wont suffer but only you & your peoples!


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  1. Oh, and Hitler, Churchill, Nixon and Kissinger wanted to kiss your black arse realhistoryindia? Go fuck yourself!


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