Churchill Hitler & other western leaders on India

The old-world leaders & some of the the greatest people ever to influence human civilizations, did  foresee the future of the newly formed nation “India” will be a degenerate’s land , ruled by muds, factory house of filth, corruption , miscegenation, unlimited source of ugliness & thus, “enemy of the civilized world/races”.

They could foresee that the filth, ugliness, race-destroying carcinogens of India won’t be limited only inside India’s border but  keep spreading & affect  high-civilizations across the globe.

Be it “population-boom” or  “rise of corporate-jew world” or “diversity & enslavement of working-class people of western nations”,  all these evil wouldn’t be possible if  there was no business-zone & giant filth-factory called “India” to be exploited by Jewish corporations, to destroy the civilized races.

white caucasian & indian inter-racial (2)

Churchill, Hitler, Kissinger, Nixon   would differ  in lot of their opinions, actions & beliefs, but mysteriously they all  were of same opinion on “India” & they were goddamn right as well.

Sorry Indians! before you open your dirty mouth :

The western genius peoples/legends that changed the world as well as shaped the civilization of western powers(some of the best nations ever created by man-kind)– well they were not jealous of India or it becoming a superpower,  Churchill/Hitler wont care a damn if u send probes to Mars(which is of-course copy-cat project learnt from NASA), while you shit on streets/drink fair n lovely & have to do 12+ plastic surgery to improve your monkey-nose & ugly half-Australoid Apeish-face.

(picture from : reality of Bollywood beauties)
The truth & reality of Indian beauty- from an Indian

sridevi bollywood beauty secrets

Dear Indians, nobody is/was jealous on you, but “concerned”. Concerned that your ugly, filthy ,dirty, corrupted, mongrel nation would become a power-source for jew-master’s cash-flow & destroy/affect  lives of civilized races worldwide, who can’t compete with you when it comes to breeding like rats OR out-bid people to decrease their wage/living-standards!

Dear Alt-Right : India & Indians are worse threat than Africans or ISIS

Yes we know you despise Churchill!

But the question is, who gives a flying rat’s arse of what you think? First of all, does it matter what Indians or any other 3rd world populations think of him or any western politicians?  Blaming or hating Churchill would be easy, but not changing these sickening pictures coming out of “incredible India”– even if it’s 2018.

open poo india toilet dirty
open poo India toilet dirty

India is such a rotten mess that even you Indians are desperate to leave it for great nations made by Caucasian people! (whom you are always jealous on)

To my knowledge not a single Indian wants to return to India, if they get a chnace to live abroad. India is a f**king mess in all aspects. No matter how much you shout “superpower by 2020”– India is still the biggest 3rd world nation with most amount of subjugated, slave populations living in total chaos & under extreme poverty-line, chaos & social condition. And there’s no recovery for this 1.3 billion heterogeneous populations given India’s available resources. In India you may live a kings life with 2$/hour income & be satisfied/patriotic but it’s the lowest of the low standard when compared globally.

Not only Churchill, but a lot of western politicians/figures expressed their concern & absorbance on India, it’s peoples & religions/cultures.

Nixon on India

Indians are “a slippery, treacherous people“, said the late US president Richard Nixon.

Nixon dude! you were a time traveler!

Kissinger on India

The Indians are bastards anyway. They are the most aggressive g**damn people around”, echoed his assistant for national security affairs, Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger buddy, you are a jew & Jews love goyims but we also know you Jews don’t make true friends, whenever your interests are harmed by “Indira Gandhi”, you start cursing your beloved Indian goyims. Anyway, your statement on Indians is right.

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India
“Indians are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”– Winston Churchill
Churchil was the most bad-ass time-traveler of all!
Look who rules India : (an ape-face, turd colored corrupted rascal, India is owned & ruled by these lots).
Unfortunately, now even  Australia & its coral-reef is not safe from these parasites.
richest Aryan north-Indian
richest Aryan north-Indian

OH BOY! Indians don’t need to work hard or invent ultrasonic jet/CPU/Operating systems/Ultra sonogram — to become billionaires. They can simply steal from the economy of their lawless-nation, gullible mass & tax.


What about Hitler?

He was anti-British colonialist to the core but what he said?how he defied the appeal of semi-Austro-Asiatic looking “Subhas Chandra Bose”?

Hitler’s views on India were disparaging.[74] He considered the British colonial rule of the subcontinent as an exemplary one and intended the German rule in the occupied East to resemble it.[74] Hitler thought little of the Indian independence movement, declaring the freedom fighters to be racially inferior “Asiatic jugglers”.[74] As early as 1930 he spoke of the Indian freedom movement as the rebellion of the “lower Indian race against the superior English Nordic race“, and that the British were free to deal with any subversive Indian activists as they liked.[75] In 1937 he told the British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax that the British should “shoot Gandhi, and if this doesn’t suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of the Congress, and if that doesn’t suffice shoot 200, and so on, as you make it clear that you mean business.”[75] During the same discussion Hitler reportedly told Halifax that one of his favorite films was The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, because it depicted a handful of “superior race” Britons holding sway over an entire continent.[76]

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India

Hitler & Nazis wanted to split Asia/India into Caucasian/Aryans & non-Aryan zone:
A few parts of North-India & Pakistan that represent Caucasoid/Aryan phenomenon.

Now, after years of emancipation of Anglo/western world, forced introduction of PC culture, still the images are intact…

Boy! don’t just trust what your great-Indian politicians, leaders, rulers, baniyas feed your brain! your India is no-way a ‘mahan or great’ nation yet, by any means or measures.

Its still looked down as an over populated, ugly, dirty, heterogeneous, poverty-ridden, chaotic, loud, noisy, misogynist, stupid, miscegenation, thuggish, hideous 3rdworld nation — run by corrupted, greedy politicians, freebooters & savage scoundrels with lawlessness, which India really is.

Not asking to believe anyone anything, benefit for me either way, just visit a real western/Asian nation & look to India from there! you will see it.

Biggest mistake :

never ever listen to a western hippie-tourist, ISKON-crazy Russian lady praising India/Indian stuffs.

Whoever gets to know the reality of your cancerous culture, nation & people– they takes up arms and shoots a bloody Indian, to raise public awareness!,_Kansas_shooting

Poor Adam Purinton,  his great English forefathers rolling in the graves knowing their kids are being sued for trying to save their beautiful race & great-nation (built by their handwork)

If you are a person from civilized-Caucasian races, that looks like evolved humanoids, if you don’t have apeface, monkey-nose, degenerate looks, u better follow Purinton who didn’t want his people to become “bloody Indians”. That’s the only & best way to tackle the “India the giant shithole”.


It doesn’t take long to destroy your beautiful , majestic race!

Diversity is DEATH! —- For Caucasian races!

Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Don’t embrace the fate of indo-Aryan people in the subcontinent!

The truth & reality of Indian beauty- from an Indian

Bengali peoples : another civilization in tragedy – By Sajal

Rape Crisis: why?


From :

A member of an extinct beautiful ancient race (historians call “indo-Aryans”), living like an alien Neanderthal among billions of vile looking 3rd-world subhuman monkey-races.


inter-racial marriage india
inter-racial marriage India

They can snatch ours, we can’t snatch their’s!

It really sucks to be alone.

It really sucks to not being able to get a girl of own race.

You will never feel it,  until you become extreme-minority — like us!


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  1. Oh, and Hitler, Churchill, Nixon and Kissinger wanted to kiss your black arse realhistoryindia? Go fuck yourself!


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