Did Jains hate Krishna?

Krishna radha race mixing cuckoldry

I once heard from a Jain guru in Mumbai, on this very topic. He said, why he hated Krishna Krishna was a cunning person of humble Dravidian origin. (his physical features were : Black skin, curly hairs, fat lips etc.) Krishna brainwashed Arjuna into killing own Aryan clan peoples, in the name of “Dharma yudh” … Continue reading Did Jains hate Krishna?


The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

kashmiri seperatist nehru

None, because 97% real ethnic Kashmiris are now Muslims. There were 2 category of Hindu Kashmiris : Class one : That joined Muslims & separated from Virat-Indianization ( Hindus of different races across India — to save their ethno-racial identity. So those pro-separatist Pundits are actually now Muslims. Even Honorable prime minister Nehru was like … Continue reading The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

How Nazis used to single out Jews

jews are mixed race

Nazis mostly used anthropology to spot Jewish peoples. Even a few decades ago when Jews did not mixed into native western Europeans that much, they used to resemble distinct Afro-Semitic/Arabic/Azeri/Armenian features. So it was easy to differentiate them from native races of west-Europe. Hitler & Nazis used to believe that Indo-Europeans or Eur-Asian Aryan race … Continue reading How Nazis used to single out Jews

Indians & Pakistanis: are they same people?

Difference :: Indian & Pakistanis

INDIANS PAKISTANIS: SAME RACE? don't listen to all that fake id trolls from India says online. Difference between a Pakistani & an Indian can be as high as Anglo-Saxon vs Melanesian aboriginals (who actually migrated from Lankan/south-India). In other words, Indians are genetic cousins of  these non-Caucasian m*nkey races. Difference between Indian & Pakistani can be … Continue reading Indians & Pakistanis: are they same people?

Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Reasons for hate against Indians & why they are looked down upon: They are some of the worst hypocrites on the globe.Westerners are now slowly realizing what kind of filth & poisons they are accommodation via Indian-immigration.(specially when these parasites joined hands with Jews & Israel). They think, everyone speaking truth, is a Pakistani, Deshdrohi(traitor), Marxist, … Continue reading Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods


Concept of Deva & Asura: Vast differences between Hinduism's version among Hindus - By Vijay Concept of ‘Devas’ came from aryan Hindus. That’s why you can’t find any Vedic hymns praising Asura (demons, devils), chandala, chamunda, rakhshas & all those 33 crore gods ( as can be found in modern day Hinduism). Veda is full … Continue reading Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods