Did Jains hate Krishna?

Krishna radha race mixing cuckoldry

I once heard from a Jain guru in Mumbai, on this very topic. He said, why he hated Krishna Krishna was a cunning person of humble Dravidian origin. (his physical features were : Black skin, curly hairs, fat lips etc.) Krishna brainwashed Arjuna into killing own Aryan clan peoples, in the name of “Dharma yudh” … Continue reading Did Jains hate Krishna?

The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

kashmiri seperatist nehru

None, because 97% real ethnic Kashmiris are now Muslims. There were 2 category of Hindu Kashmiris : Class one : That joined Muslims & separated from Virat-Indianization ( Hindus of different races across India — to save their ethno-racial identity. So those pro-separatist Pundits are actually now Muslims. Even Honorable prime minister Nehru was like … Continue reading The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

How Nazis used to single out Jews

jews are mixed race

Nazis mostly used anthropology to spot Jewish peoples. Even a few decades ago when Jews did not mixed into native western Europeans that much, they used to resemble distinct Afro-Semitic/Arabic/Azeri/Armenian features. So it was easy to differentiate them from native races of west-Europe. Hitler & Nazis used to believe that Indo-Europeans or Eur-Asian Aryan race … Continue reading How Nazis used to single out Jews

Indians & Pakistanis: are they same people?

Difference :: Indian & Pakistanis

INDIANS & PAKISTANIS: WERE THEY EVER SAME RACE? Its pathetic & funny how the ugly bastardized nation (India) & Indian nationalists are now opening millions of fake accounts with European, English, Kashmiri, Arab, Pakistani, afghan names, trolling everywhere (from stormefront to Apricity, Reddit, 4CHAN, 9GAG,  yahoo or Quora) to prove  they are same race as … Continue reading Indians & Pakistanis: are they same people?

Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Reality of India & Indians India can be explained with these two words of wisdom : Once a bastard, always a bastard! If you don't stand for anything, you fall for everything! These people never had honesty, courage, truthfulness, loyalty, hardworking attitude-- this is why all sort of bad & evil things (from call-center-scamming to  … Continue reading Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods


Concept of Deva & Asura: Vast differences between Hinduism's version among Hindus - By Vijay Concept of ‘Devas’ came from aryan Hindus. That’s why you can’t find any Vedic hymns praising Asura (demons, devils), chandala, chamunda, rakhshas & all those 33 crore gods ( as can be found in modern day Hinduism). Veda is full … Continue reading Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods