Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods

Concept of Deva & Asura: Vast differences between Hinduism’s version among Hindus – By Vijay

Concept of ‘Devas’ came from aryan Hindus. That’s why you can’t find any Vedic hymns praising Asura (demons, devils), chandala, chamunda, rakhshas & all those 33 crore gods ( as can be found in modern day Hinduism). Veda is full of appraisal for ‘King of the GODS‘ (deva-raj) ‘Indra’ with mighty Aryan physical features (as outlined in various parts of VEDA) & his valor that matches mostly with the left over Aryans in India. (like Hrithik Roshan) — And not from these mud races, that constitute 80% of Indian population today.

This also explains the vast difference between cultures of Aryan Hindus of north-India, Pakistan, Punjab, Kashmir, Afghan & all other non-northern Hindus across India. They still follow the ancient Vedic version of culture & Sanskars while rest of Indian subcontinent Hindus (of non Aryan races) have their own version of religion, culture  (Hindi: Sanskar).
This explains the differences among Indians & Hindus.


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