Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Reality of India & Indians

India can be explained with these two words of wisdom :

  • Once a bastard, always a bastard!
  • If you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything!

These people never had honesty, courage, truthfulness, loyalty, hardworking attitude– this is why all sort of bad & evil things (from call-center-scamming to  womb-for rent). India produces the cheapest women(& of course! the ugliest) & cheap booze. You can hire a Indian woman to eat your feces, for 30 rupees/hour!!

Dishonesty is in their bone-marrow.

No civilized races want another inferior/slave races to be around them, in the name of “caste system”. They hate Dalits but they never wanted to build  separate nation/society for their own race/ethnicity. Why? because they are parasitic, worthless, ugly, good for nothing creatures (not much different from their “DALIT/untouchable” fellas) who don’t actually know how to build civilizations. Blaming all their woes on Brits, Pakistanis, Arabs & European settlers –they always got 101 excuses to escape the burden of their inferiority. Though they are always hellbent  to claim credits of  the deeds of Aryan Hindus (Asian Caucasians) happened thousands of years ago.

Any noble people/ high-civilization getting in touch with these dustbin people & their garbage-society, is sure to get downgraded! America & whole west is exactly suffering from this  foolishness! Ever since they started importing these filth, they stopped  giving birth to Newton/ Tesla/ Thomas Alva Edison!

 After all, creativity, innovation can’t go hand in hand with Jewish-corporate-ism & consumerism.

  • They are some of the worst hypocrites on the globe.Westerners are now slowly realizing what kind of filth & poisons they have accommodated via Indian-immigration. (specially when these parasites joined hands with Jews & Israel).  Even CEO’s & corporate (elite whites who supported their migration) now starting to hate these low-lives.-

    Snapchat CEO officially shoe-slapped ugly face of India

  • They think, everyone speaking truth against them, must be jealous of their shithole India — the “superpower-2020”

  • They are born through lies, corruption & fakery,  so can’t stand uncomfortable truths or facts’.

    filthy ugly indian brahmans protesting

  • They are usually born liars & cheaters, corrupted & sick-minded.

  • They try to spread their ugly genes everywhere & mongrelize all homogeneous ethnicity ( homogeneous civilized 1st world nations heterogeneous India). 

    homogeneous civilized world  hate India

  • These basterdized people do anything for money!  Including “sell their daughters” to ugly demonic semi-Australoid Dravidian degenerate looking subhumans, if it’s filthy rich/popular (doesn’t matter if the money came legally or not) & accept them as ‘Damad (son-in-law)’……. but ha!  India has a huge issue for “love-marriages”! even if it’s same race lovers!

    • Rather, they hate, humiliate same race person if he/she is poor/unfortunate. Yes, that’s the greatness of Indian-social culture! What you can expect from a culture that vilified & obliterated the Vedic-lords & started worshiping blacky, nappy-haired , aboriginal looking dude ‘Krishna’  who polluted white-Radha & other Aryan women in the name of ‘LEELA’! (jungle-fetish)
      Did Jains hate Krishna?

    inter-racial marriage india
    inter-racial marriage India

    race mixing -india north indian Tamilrace-mixing-aryan-north-indian-tamil-australoid-south-indian

  • India is the only nation where money rules over beauty. So , what’s the end result? The water is getting muddier every day! no amount of fair-n-lovely, nose jobs, skin/hair bleaching, plastic surgery, hair-straightening is helping to hide the ugly mongrel faces! India is in shocking crisis of natural-caucasian beauty! Bollywood & Indian slime-ball males are desperately hunting  for persian, russian, pakistani, pashtun & white western girls?

    The truth & reality of Indian beauty- from an Indian

    Dear Alt-Right : India & Indians are worse threat than Africans or ISIS

  • So, These identity-less folks naturally promote “race-mixing”, then can’t help avoid breeding ugly mongrels & then talk about integrating those ugly bastards in the society/nation/ethnicity (in the name of liberalism, logic, humanity, Ahimsa/non-violence,  unity-in-diversity, one-Indian-identity etc. deceptive logic)

  • BUT BUT, they need to hide their ugly mongrel features badly as well, right? Because, Ironically, the slime-bag looking Males demands in matrimony : “wife has to be white & good looking face”.

    NO PROBLEM! India is the biggest consumer of  plastic surgery fair-n-lovely, kilos of makeup & plastic surgery, to hide the corruption & make their round, semi-Australoid-looking obtuse, chubby grotesque looking face a bit “Caucasoid” !

makeup ugly indian woman fake beauty result of race mixing plastic surgery
makeup ugly Indian woman fake beauty result of race mixing plastic surgery

  • Well, they are still not as much rich nation as they claim & try to be.  Being poor is not a sin & we don’t hate or want to bash poor peoples but these 3rd world rats forcing us to do so — when they start bragging on their nation being “2nd biggest economy”. Their low IQ brain fails to realize that most of the nation’s monies/resources belong to the corrupt politicians, industrialists & other. The big economy is simply the sideeffcte of billions of turd-population working like slave/goyims to make their Jewish/corporate/politicians richer! If  Indians  really didn’t have 82 average IQ then, they wouldn’t take pride in Mukesh Ambani being billionaire! You never hear Americans/westerners taking pride in Billgates being richest man!

poor nation India beggarpoor poverty Indian beggar: north-india

  • Again, these bastrads can never remain true to their words & thoughts. Hypocrisy in their blood. SO, they kill Muslims for eating beef but worship their capitalist corrupted Baniyas, Kappors, Marwadis crossbred fugly monkey-faced bastards who run biggest meat-industries & made India largest beef/meat exporter. Also, they don’t give a shit about other meats/leather shoes!

    They spare no innocent animals apart from the “holy cow!” You will even hear educated Indians saying, cows are important than others in some “mystical ways”. (Hint: just because their nappy-haired negro boy use to play with  cows!). They think other animals are worth shit! just like dalits!

    radha krishna cuckoldry race mixing
    Radha -Krishna cuckoldry race mixing
  • Earning money/making riches through  (illegal) ways is what they are taught by parents since childhood. Because their life’s goal is to be rich & then create rat-race , bash/threat/humiliate all poor but honest tribal minded homogeneous ethnic groups, finally forcing them to follow their corrupted, subversive ways . Otherwise, how can they be successful in destroying superior homogeneous races?
    ambani-adani bastard ugly fat baniya

To make billions, Indian billionaires don’t need to have brain/invent Microsoft! at all! The more corrupted & cheating the bastard is, the more success!

In other words, its just like a few rotten fishes polluting the whole pond!



25 thoughts on “Hate Indians – some legit reasons

  1. when foreigners talk about Indians, thats how they portray Indians (which is damn accurate because 95% Indians look like this call center scammers or even worse)

    Dirty monkeynose, apefaced, mud-colored filthy half-australoid munda nonsense mongrels!

    Even killos of makeups/fair n lovely +plastic surgery can’t hide mongrel features for long.

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    1. LADIES & GENTLE-MEN, look who’s using the “N-WORD” ahahha
      when foreigners talk about Indians, thats how they portray Indians (which is damn accurate because 95% Indians look like this call center scammers or even worse)

      Dirty monkeynose, apefaced, mud-colored filthy nonce mongrels!

      Even killos of makeups/fair n lovely +plastic surgery can’t hide mongrel features for long.

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      1. Sheikh Chilli er Raajkot dee Bongaaldeshi ‘Tatti’

        You are terribly ‘shy’. Besides, the very fact that you were brought up in ‘Gujarat’ only worsened your ‘porticoolar’ case i.e. you are actually quite the ‘coward’!


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  2. Haha nice post. I dont get most of my countrymen. They hate civilising and are jealous of civilised people. Most of them are genetically defected.

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    1. they know they are non-Caucasian mixed ugly monkey-face , boot lipped , trud-colored mongrels, so the inherent jealousy for good looking Pakistanis, Kashmirs, afghans, Muslims & Europeans. They are by nature jealous of sexy looking Caucasian ladies, coz they can never look such , even with plastic surgery & killos of makeups

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