Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Reasons for hate against Indians & why they are looked down upon:

  • They are some of the worst hypocrites on the globe.Westerners are now slowly realizing what kind of filth & poisons they are accommodation via Indian-immigration.(specially when these parasites joined hands with Jews & Israel).

  • They think, everyone speaking truth, is a Pakistani, Deshdrohi(traitor), Marxist, secular or Muslim.

  • They are born through lies, corruption & fakery, so can’t stand uncomfortable truths/facts’.

    filthy ugly indian brahmans protesting

  • They are usually born liars & cheaters, corrupted & sick-minded.

  • They try to spread their ugly genes everywhere & mongrelize all homogeneous ethnicity

    homogeneous civilized world  hate India

     homogeneous civilized 1st world nations heterogeneous India

  • They are more than happy to sell their daughters to ugly demonic semi-Australoid subhumans, if it’s rich/popular (doesn’t matter if its legally or not) & accept them as ‘Damad/son-in-law’……. but ha!  “NO to love-marriage” even if it’s same race lovers! Rather, they hate, humiliate same race person if he/she is poor/unfortunate. Yes, that’s the greatness of Indian-social culture! What you can expect from a culture that vilified & obliterated the Vedic-lords & started worshiping ‘Krishna’  who polluted Radha & other Aryan women in the name of ‘LEELA’! (jungle-fetish)

race mixing -india north indian Tamilrace-mixing-aryan-north-indian-tamil-australoid-south-indian

  • Promote “race-mixing””, then breed ugly mongrels & then talk about integrating those ugly bastards in the society/nation/ethnicity (in the name of liberalism, logic, humanity, Ahimsa/non-violence, hum-Hindu-hae, unity-in-diversity, one/ek-Indian-identity etc. campaigns)

  • Promote miscegenation/race-mixing & then, buy their girls makeup ugly Indian woman fake beauty result of race mixing plastic surgery fair-n-lovely, kilos of makeup & plastic surgery, to hide the corruption & make their round, semi-australoid-looking obtuse, chubby face a bit “Caucasoid” !

makeup ugly indian woman fake beauty result of race mixing plastic surgery
makeup ugly Indian woman fake beauty result of race mixing plastic surgery

  • Despite being largest filthy shithole full of beggars,they talk shit about Pakistan,Nepal,Bangladesh & all other small neighbors & call them “bhikaris/beggars”. Being poor is not a sin & we don’t hate or want to bash poor peoples but these 3rd world rats forcing us to do so. 

poor nation India beggarpoor poverty Indian beggar: Bihar

  • They kill Muslims on beef-row but worship their baap/dad varnashankar Baniyas, Kappors, Marwadis crossbred fugly monkey-faced bastards who run biggest meat-industries & made India largest beef/meat exporter. Also,they don’t give a shit about other meats/leather shoes!

    radha krishna cuckoldry race mixing
    Radha -Krishna cuckoldry race mixing
  •  Earn money/make riches through  Haram (illegal) ways & then create rat-race , bash/threat/humiliate all poor but honest ,tribal minded homogeneous ethnic groups, finally forcing them to follow their corrupted, subversive ways .
    ambani-adani bastard ugly fat baniya

To make billions,Indian billionaires don’t need to have brain/invent Microsoft! at all! The more corrupted & cheating the bastard is, the more success!

In other words, its just like a few rotten fishes polluting the whole pond!


2 thoughts on “Hate Indians – some legit reasons

  1. Haha nice post. I dont get most of my countrymen. They hate civilising and are jealous of civilised people. Most of them are genetically defected.

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    1. they know they are non-Caucasian mixed ugly monkey-face , boot lipped , trud-colored mongrels, so the inherent jealousy for good looking Pakistanis, Kashmirs, afghans, Muslims & Europeans. They are by nature jealous of sexy looking Caucasian ladies, coz they can never look such , even with plastic surgery & killos of makeups


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