Indians & Pakistanis: are they same people?

INDIANS PAKISTANIS: SAME RACE? don’t listen to all that fake id trolls from India says online. Difference between a Pakistani & an Indian can be as high as Anglo-Saxon vs Melanesian aboriginals (who actually migrated from Lankan/south-India). In other words, Indians are genetic cousins of  these non-Caucasian m0nkey races.

Difference between Indian & Pakistani can be as much as Anglo-Saxon vs Melanesian aboriginal.

The following ginger-haired boy is native Kashmiri separatist (a northern-Pakistani ethnicity). Though they are now becoming minority due to India pushing diversity. But here’s the image of how he looks.

(he took up arms to fight the Invading Indian army aka m0nkey-nose mud-colored ugly shitbags)

white Caucasian native Kashmir

(pure Caucasian features) (picture is for illustration of example)

A quick & easy way to identify native Pakistani ethnic groups (not 1947 Indian Muslim migrants or their decedents) : (mostly Caucasian features)

  • tall height
  • long-blade thin Caucasian nose
  • reddish tan
  • long blade thin Caucasian nose
  • thin or no lips
  • large frontal-cortex
  • deep eye socket
  • elongated face
  • large jaw (from Neanderthals)
  • plain silky hairs
  • dolichocephalic skull shape
  • different variations of light eyes (light blue, greenish, brown, olive, hazel, cats-eye, grey)some have natural blond, red-head, brown hairs as well .

For Indians, its all opposite or mixed-features.

Even most Bollywood celebrates or north-Indians don’t look similar.

First of all, we need to learn about ancient map of south-asia .

Today’s Pakistan,Sindhi, Punjab, Kashmir, north-west India etc. were part of central-Asian/Afghani Aryan diaspora. Despite the fact that these areas are now full of different non-Caucasoid/mixed races, pure Aryans/Caucasoid types can still be found at huge frequency. Thousands of years of brainwashing by Hinduism, Buddhism & Islam had destroyed the Aryan/Caucasoid racial identity/unity of these areas (In Asia, one’s identity is determined by religion, not race or looks, that’s why the Caucasian Muslims assimilated aboriginal-mixed Muslims from India). Pakistan took in millions of Indian Muslims during 1947. Most of those ape-face, monkey-nose, ugly, half-Australoid dravid faced black Pakistanis are decedents of those Indian migrants. The natural/native inhabitants of Pakistan’s region were & still are very much like Caucasus people.

Sill, Some of them might look more/pure Caucasoid than even Europeans or Persians!

European vs Pakistani Indo-Aryan caucasian
European vs Pakistani Indo-Aryan Caucasian

Even most Bollywood celebrates or north-Indians don’t look similar.

Bollywood is all about makeups, nose-jobs, hair-straightening, plastic surgery, skin-bleaching, contact lens. Not even mentioning, many top-Bollywood actors & actress have Pakistani-punjabi, Pashtun, Kashmiri origin.

Pathetic  Indian goys with sub-70 IQ  come up with Bollywood pictures to show How Indians look like Pakistanis. They never feel tired of hiding the billions of ugly mixed-race which makes 90% of India’s population.

how indians look naturally

But don’t worry!

Even with kilos of makeups, dozens of plastic surgery , nose jobs , skin bleaching, contact lens etc. can’t hide the mongrel features for long. 5 minutes of sun or a morning shower destroy “hot Indian beauties”.  😀

Note: we are not even posting pictures of Kalash, Hunzo, Gilgit, Baltistani, Nooristani Aryans that look like this: (all of them speak ancient  IE languages, though they are native races). Even poorest of them look such!

nordic looking Pakistani caucasoid aryan
Pashtun males

I wont post pictures of even filthy-rich Indians. This is the richest north-Indian: Billionaire, Adani (this ape-face Indian gentlemen destroying beautiful coral-reef in Australia, for easy cash)

richest Aryan north-Indian
richest Aryan north-Indian

This Video will bury rest of your doubts. Head over to YouTube comments section & see  more. F*king monkeyNose , black-ass, round face munda mongrels aka Indians would still keep saying : “we were same nation, same peoples”

Only ugly, insecure Indians want to be associated with Pakistanis & they are the only peoples that keep saying we are same peoples! Now if any Pakistani , Kashmir, Afghan look like Indians, then the rule of thumb applies again:: “those garbage came from India during  in recent historic evens/1947 division”.
Indians are jealous, angry & desperate by the fact that they can never look like a Pashtun/native-ethnic Pakistani/afghan people. All they can be is half-blood degenerate looking ugly m*ngrels.
secrets of indian beauty
Arabz robbed us our lands! We iz original Afghanz,Pkaitsniz, keshmiriz, pashtunz & iranianz.  We wuz proto-Caucasoid fatherz of  Europeanz, we have birth to them nordz, celtz, druidz & all that is good & great.

2 thoughts on “Indians & Pakistanis: are they same people?

  1. All the big booby fat assy mujra randis are punjbans of heera mandi madarchod.Randi ka bachcha gora rang le kar chat te reh ,KHI mai >90% whores and massis are punjabans.Kus madre ,talk about racial superiority while teh known simple facts are you are the real offsprings of one night stand of a heera mandis hoo hoo


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