Indians & Pakistanis: same peoples?


First of all, we need to learn about ancient map of south-asia . Today’s Pakistan,Sindhi, Punjab, Kashmir, north-west India etc. were part of central-Asian/Afghani Aryan diaspora. Despite the fact that these areas are now full of different non-Caucasoid/mixed races, pure Aryans/Caucasoid types can still be found at huge frequency. Thousands of years of brainwashing by Hinduism, Buddhism & Islam had destroyed the Aryan/Caucasoid racial identity/unity of these areas. till, Some of them might look more/pure Caucasoid than even Europeans or Persians!

European vs Pakistani Indo-Aryan caucasian
European vs Pakistani Indo-Aryan Caucasian

Note: we are not even posting pictures of Kalash, Hunzo, Gilgit, Baltistani, Nooristani Aryans that look like this: (all of them speak ancient  IE languages, though they are native races). Even poorest of them look such!

nordic looking Pakistani caucasoid aryan
Pashtun males

I wont post pictures of even filthy-rich Indians. This Video will bury rest of your doubts. Head over to YouTube comments section & see  more. Fucking monkeyNose , black-ass, round face munda mongrels aka indians would still keep saying : “we were same nation, same peoples”

Only ugly, insecure Indians want to be associated with Pakistanis & they are the only peoples that keep saying we are same peoples! Now if any Pakistani , Kashmir, Afghan look monkey, then the rule of thumb applies again:: “those garbage came from India during 1947 division”.

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