How Nazis used to single out Jews

Nazis mostly used anthropology to spot Jewish peoples. Even a few decades ago when Jews did not mixed into native western Europeans that much, they used to resemble distinct Afro-Semitic/Arabic/Azeri/Armenian features. So it was easy to differentiate them from native races of west-Europe.
Hitler & Nazis used to believe that Indo-Europeans or Eur-Asian Aryan race had the features that are opposite to Semitic features.

  • Plain silky hairs
  • light eyes
  • proportional face
  • deep eye-socket
  • dolicocephalic skull
  • tall body build
  • thin lips

The following 2 examples will illustrate the features enlisted above.

  • A native German Aryan

  • An Indus-valley/Asian Aryan

Now back to Semitic features, as hypothesized by Nazis under Himmler.
For example: curly hairs, non-proportionate face, hook nose, joint or uni-eybrow etc.

If you examine even west-European origin blond/red-head Jewish person, you may still notice those features mixed in.

Let me give you another proof that is, neo-nazis online still portray Jewish peoples with such features in derogatory memes:

So,  the differentiation aspects were more of racial features than religious identity or anything else.


9 thoughts on “How Nazis used to single out Jews

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        An authentic Jew closely resembles the Middle Easterners, mostly the Arabs, though he has a large, crooked nose. Besides, he is quite hairy.


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