Religion : Hinduism

Did Jains hate Krishna?

I once heard from a Jain guru in Mumbai, on this very topic. He said, why he hated Krishna

  • Krishna was a cunning person of humble Dravidian origin.
    (his physical features were : Black skin, curly hairs, fat lips etc.)
    krishna was nigger dalit
  • Krishna brainwashed Arjuna into killing own Aryan clan peoples, in the name of “Dharma yudh” (holy war). And thus how Aryan kingdoms &  kuru, huns, hepthalites dynasty in norther part of India, got decimated & mixed to extinction)
  • Krishna , in the name of Leela, procreated with aryan kulin girl Radha,Source : Physical description of Radha was white, beautiful charming face (Caucasian/indo-aryan type, most probably)

radha was a coal-burner

  • he was a race-mixer despite the fact that he talked a lot about varna-shankaram (race-mixing) & crossbred-ism a lot in Gita. All his statements are hypocritical.

Krishna radha race mixing cuckoldry


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