Did Jains hate Krishna?

I once heard from a Jain guru in Mumbai, on this very topic. He said, why he hated Krishna

  • Krishna was a cunning person of humble Dravidian origin.
    (his physical features were : Black skin, curly hairs, fat lips etc.)
    krishna was nigger dalit
  • Krishna brainwashed Arjuna into killing own Aryan clan peoples, in the name of “Dharma yudh” (holy war). And thus how Aryan kingdoms &  kuru, huns, hepthalites dynasty in norther part of India, got decimated & mixed to extinction)
  • Krishna , in the name of Leela, procreated with aryan kulin girl Radha,Source : Physical description of Radha was white, beautiful charming face (Caucasian/indo-aryan type, most probably)

radha was a coal-burner

  • he was a race-mixer despite the fact that he talked a lot about varna-shankaram (race-mixing) & crossbred-ism a lot in Gita. All his statements are hypocritical.

Krishna radha race mixing cuckoldry

3 thoughts on “Did Jains hate Krishna?

    1. or written by hindutavadi muds, just like rest of the half-monkey-half lion gods. for eaxmple,
      Indian nationalists say muslims killed millions of hindus but they still cants answer why hindus are 8000millions now? from where all these billions of ugly monkey-nose muds creatures came from?


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