The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

None, because 97% real ethnic Kashmiris are now Muslims. There were 2 category of Hindu Kashmiris :

  • Class one : That joined Muslims & separated from Virat-Indianization ( Hindus of different races across India — to save their ethno-racial identity. So those pro-separatist Pundits are actually now Muslims. Even Honorable prime minister Nehru was like such. he wanted to save Kashmiris race, regardless of religious identity. That’s why he also liked Kashmiri Muslims & Pashtuns. He’s the reason why Indians couldn’t annex Kashmir & settle there.

Class 2 : The pro-Hindu or pro-Indian pundits that went to India & mixed into Indian ethnic groups. So naturally, this group is still anti-separatism & fierce anti-Muslim .
Example: politician Aupam Kher . These bas**rds are ready to sell their girls to Bihari & Madrazi bhaiya or negros for money or own interests.

These corrupted pro-indian hindutava pundit’s girls are sleeping with monkey races across India & breeding mongrels. But they are more than happy with that! It’s all hindoo after-all!
race mixing in India

But, there are indeed real ethnic Kashmiri Hindus like red-haired Gawri Shri ,who still living in the valley that are separatists & like her Muslim friends.



4 thoughts on “The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

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