Aryans were Caucasoid sub-races only

Because it’s proven. Aryans were Caucasoid races only.
Otherwise, why only Caucasoid races in Europe & Asia speak common Indo-European languages?  Why  Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Semitics (real or ancient Semitics were Afro-Asiatic— not Caucasian or Caucasoid), Australoid races of Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Pacific, Indonesia, Melanesia etc. don’t speak Aryan languages?

Why Indo-Aryans of India having more genetic, linguistic & cultural similarity with Caucasoid races of Pakistan, central-Asia, west-Asia & Europe  — than to their neighboring China/Asian races?

For your information, there are still pure Caucasoid looking IE speaking races in subcontinent.
aryan caucasoid punjabi

And race-mixing still happening , between those Aryans & other non-Aryan races.

race-mixing-aryan australoid brahman punjabi
Which gives rise to mixed features– that is the proven base of  the theory behind Nordic/Caucasoid identity of Aryans.
Real History India

Indian nationalists & patriotic peoples deny it, because it shows unpleasant aspect of their society, history & culture. They have hard times accepting the fact that Caucasoid Aryan race in India got reduced due to mixing with non-Caucasoid or non-Aryan races.
Still, pure or archaic non -Caucasoid races can be found in India & they speak non-IE languages–which stands as the greatest proof.
pure australoid race hindu

See DNA test reports of a average Pakistani & Indian.  The Pakistani sample has zero Australoid /Dravidian that’s why he looks very much Caucasoid or Nordic-skull shape. Give this Pakistani boy less melanin (blond hair & paper-white skin), he will perfectly resemble a white German. Many of you already know how those Kalash, Pashtuns & Kashmiris with light eyes & light hairs look like.

pakistani aryan caucasoid

pakistani aryan DNA test

Now Indian sample. The more Australoid inputs– the more deviation from Caucasoid features. With white skin or blond hair, he’d still look different from a European Caucasoid.
australoid mixed north-Indian

north indian dna australoid mixed.png
North-Indian Rajput DNA test

So, you can see why Nordic or Caucasoid feature is seen as standard of Indo-European or Aryan race. No wonder today’s Pakistan, Afghan, Tajikistan was the epic-center of Ancient Vedic Aryans who spread all over Asia & Europe & mixed with different native races.


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