Racist is a code word for anti-white? How true is that?

I’m a Punjabi & as far as i met white friends, i never seen racism in them. Most are highly professional & materialistic — which to some backward races seems as “racist attitude”. Because they are inferior low IQ  turds, with inferiority complex. Obviously success breeds jealousy.

Even i see non-Caucasian races from subcontinent, srilankan & Asians always talk about them being racist. I simply ask them how you behaved when British peoples were in your lands? In the name of “freedom fight”, your thugs used to attack, snatch, loot them. The things that you peoples define as “racist or hate crime” (if you are the victims).

Then they would say those typical things!
Oh don’t you know Brits stole shits from our mud huts!

…………………………………………………………..From: Navjot Singh


6 thoughts on “Racist is a code word for anti-white? How true is that?

  1. Hello shitcunt, don’t lie about having white friends. No self respecting white person would want to associate with a circumciZed limp dick bastard like you. Only friends you would be having are faggots who fucks ur glory hole. Keep having wet dreams about being a European.

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  2. Dravidians have at better accomplishments than you half dicked.impotent shit eating.subhuman kashmiri bastards. Go pump ur.ladies in ur family that’s how you bastards have survived all through the years It’s amusing that a maggot like you gets to be racist when you have nothing but limp dicks. Go and chill out jerking off ugly hideous bastard.


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