North Korea: Homogeneity means superiority & power

Seems everyone (from democratic countries mostly) is jealous & talk nonsense to Kim Jong Un’s north-Korea. Guess what? they will never get the feeling of what it means to live in a homogeneous nation with same race peoples only.
north koree

They look, think behave & act like family members. You can never feel alone, unsafe & vulnerable— living in a homogeneous nation.
At least they don’t cheat, & sell own countrymen out—for the sake of personal petty interests.
I’m from India & I can tell you : Money is NOT equal to happiness & joy.
Living in heterogeneous nation filled with diverse mongrels run by corrupted bastard peoples —is all democracy can produce. They  sell their own mothers in the dark of night. There’s no value of money,

  • if my girls can’t go out alone( get raped)
  • if my hard earned tax money gets into politicians pockets
  • if my peoples have no guaranty of life
  • if we are slave to big corporations
  • if there’s no justice to the injustice
  • if you cant fall asleep with the doors open

Now I understand why globalists puts all sanctions on Korea— how dare they live a life of their own way! Capitalists wanted to turn it into another India but those Koreans are not to be corrupted. USA is not a shithole & much better than India ,i know it all—but wait & see, the more diversity  with inferior ape-races & their mongrels happens, the more you will see how things get messed up!

I simply wish my Asian friends best of luck & they remain bold & intact. Soon Israel & USA will crumble & then India (the proxy nation of judo-American capitalism)

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