What ancient Aryans looked like

There’s a much debated  controversial topic around the globe. Were Eur-Asian Aryans blond & red-heads? Many authors bring historic statements, records & myths etc. & they are vague, contradictory  for most part. The most precise way to know the truth is to do anthropological & genetic analysis. The most precise scientific term will be Asian-Caucasians instead of “Indo-Europeans” or “Indo-Aryans”.

Most probably they were not fair headed peoples. Why?

Look at vast majority of today’s Indo-Europeans (Caucasians type races of subcontinent, Iran, Afghan, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan) have super smooth silky dark hairs.

Some white-nationalists suspect race-mixing made recessive genes extinct, then the fact still persists that, race-mixing even can’t hide blond /red heads that easily.
In USA, you will see many 50% African (the most genetically distant race)+ 50% white mixed peoples still get blond, reddish hairs. These genes are not recessive at all.
mixed race red head

So, if ancient Indo-Aryans were really blond & red-hairs, they wouldn’t go extinct that easily. An European blond , mixing with a dark hair Afghan will still produce light-hairs. Because European Caucasians & Asian Caucasians are in fact closest  race (least genetic distance). Almost 50% afghans, 30% Pakistanis & Kashmiris still have light eyes, super-fine Caucasoid features. Obviously it wouldn’t be possible if they were miscegenated.
pakistani aryans

Indo-European or Aryan– is more of a diaspora than one single race. It mainly denotes to Caucasian races of Europe & Asia, that speak IE languages (regardless of melanin level).

Online trolls show picture of some blond IE peoples from Kashmir, Pakistan, kalash , Pashtuns & everyone start thinking they are long lost Europeans. Even, not all native Europeans are colored-haired or light eyed. Eye, hair & skin shade depends on pigment level. The only color-hair Indo-Europeans found in Asia are still native to Asia. For example, Nooristanis in Pakistan & Afghanistan.
Note, the Pakistani girls posted above look almost identical to this blond Nooristani girl (except light hair). They are not from Europe. They are simply a less-melanin variations of dark-hair Asian Caucasians. The reason many Indo-Europeans look Nordic is because they indeed are Caucasians! from bone marrow to hair texture. This man is a native Punjabi Jaat. Linguistically & anthropologically they are obviously Aryan or Caucasoid. These stocks are getting rare in India due to race mixing though. But in Pakistan, there are still many many like him.
aryan  caucasoid jaat
If you race-mix  Europeans + Indo-Aryans, it will still retain most of the recessive Caucasoid or Europoid features. You all know how pale skin /albino Pakistanis might look like some Germans.
So, we can simply  rule out the possibility of Indo-Aryans or Asian Caucasians of having blond/red-head ancestors & doubts of any ancient miscegenation to take place.

Also, Modern European race is no way a single ethnicity; it’s actually an amalgamation of Eur-Asian Aryans, Caucasus peoples , MENA, Mongoloid & Neanderthel (hunter-gatherer) gene pool.

Recent developments :


Even Indian news-papers & local reserachers accepting, the existence of  Eur-asian caucasian race in northern part of India.

secrets of indian beauty

But the mud-colored, monkey-nosed, potbelly, ape-faced semi-Australoid Indian nationalists claiming their own news-media (“The Hindu”)  is  “Vatican conspiracy”! Always got an excuse, ehh?

rss indian nationalist patriot



7 thoughts on “What ancient Aryans looked like

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  2. True, there are independent Caucasian phenotypes. No mystical white guys ever conquered India. There were Assyrians, Scythians, Huns, Kushan, Sassanian and other migrants and inter mixing that have formed the so called Aryas in South Asia.

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    1. indian genetics resercahers are all those monkey-face mud creatures like gandhi, so they naturally try to hide anthroplgic & genetic facts of India. There are still pure Caucasian races in south-asia, they made a theory that all indians are mixed etc. to keep india united under their rulling (Indian nationalist brigades) . Indian monkeynose mud (no mater howmuch eudcated they are) creatures are liars just like the typical call-center scammer you face everyday

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