A short-note on Mongoloid races & animal abuse

From central-america’s  Mexico, all the way to central-Asia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Korea in Asia. The savage race never had any regards for life & living beings. It’s actually nothing new. The barbarism of Genghis khan & mongols are well known from the ancient era. Nobody knows how many ancient clans, tribes & civilizations across Eur-Asia they purged.

The Mexican Town That Bashes Piñatas Full of Live Animals

Every year, the people of Citilcum meet up to beat a ton of animals to death.

Hangs the duck, then tear it’s head apart by hanging themselves ,  grabbing  the bird’s head — all alive!

Bunch of  mestizo  subhuman filth fun-playing with a helpless weasel, which is awaiting brutal murder.

A recent viral video (probably In Laos or Cambodia) showing 2 roosters were bashed alive to painful death, for sadistic fun. Their violent screams & gore add more to the savagery of the subhuman races.


Gadhimai festival of Nepal 

The so-claimed “Hindu nation” arranges the biggest rampage for killing playful calves, bulls & buffaloes. The body keeps shivering beside the severed head.

Guess what? How those “Hindus” look like?

nepali mongoloid

Again, thanks to the sympathetic Caucasian people for putting an end to this savagery.

The festival has prompted numerous protests by animal rights activists and Nepalese Hindus from Hill region.[12][13] In 2009 activists made several attempts to stop the ritual, including Brigitte Bardot and Maneka Gandhi, who wrote to the Nepalese government asking them to stop the killings.[14][15] A government official commented that they would not “interfere in the centuries-old tradition of the Madheshi people.”[4]



If it wasn’t for the Aryan people, the savage world would never evolve to become vegetarian or to  learn to love & respect life.

History of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism has its roots in the civilizations of ancient  aryans of India and ancient Greece. The earliest reliable evidence for vegetarian theory and practice in Greece dates from the 6th century BC. The Orphics, a religious movement spreading in Greece at that time, and Pythagoras, a philosopher and religious leader in the area of Southern Italy colonized by Greek settlers, abstained from the flesh of animals.[41] The followers of Pythagoras (called Pythagoreans) did not always practice strict vegetarianism, but at least their inner circle did. For the general public, abstention from meat was a hallmark of the so-called “Pythagorean way of life”.[42] Both Orphics and strict Pythagoreans also avoided eggs and shunned the ritual offerings of meat to the gods which were an essential part of traditional religious sacrifice.[43] In the 5th century BC the philosopher Empedocles distinguished himself as a radical advocate of vegetarianism specifically and of respect for animals in general.[44]

Pythagoras (570 BC – 495 BC) a vegetarian himself, was the inspiration for Pythagorian vegetarianism

Buddha & Buddhism : Aryans as well . Buddha was NOT a fat laughing mongoloid Filipino looking person, as PC media & Asians portrait him. He was an Aryan , many scholars suggest deep roots in Afghan. The Suktas & Tripitaka mention his features :

  • long blade-thin nose
  • blue-eyes
  • shoulder-long hairs
  • wide chest
  • deep eye-socket

Picture : One of the oldest bust of Buddha found in Afghanistan. He most probably looked like a Pashtun who were majority of afghan, during that era.

It was these ancient Caucasian people of Asia that spread the noble Aryan culture of  to mud-races of Asia.  Buddhism tried to civil up the mongoloids. It did work. The Tibetans , Japanese etc. evolved themselves but again, the non-Aryan racial psychology made them leave Buddhism real-quick!  99% mongols in Asia are now animal-abusers & meat eaters like their barbaric ancestors. Majority Chinese, Koreans, Japs hate Buddhism & Dalai lama.

Today’s Hinduism acquired the culture of animal sacrifice from the ape-races. That’s is why Indra (Vedic god don’t ask for sacrifice) but blacky Negress looking Australoid Kali demands so.

Kali , the jungle-bunny, is blood thirsty as hell. Yes these are ape-races of India murdering an innocent goat, to satisfy their Kali-Mata (mother).

If it wasn’t for  the Caucasian/Aryan people of the world, painless slaughter-houses would remain a utopia.

The mongol races might earn billions, might  reverse-engineer stolen formulas of super computers, but they would never have the intentions or nobility to try to invent a god-damn stunner.
The white-Caucasians in USA invented  almost 100% painless equipment, effectiveness of which are scientifically proven.

What other race would care for such researches?

In a world with out Caucasian people:

These never gonna happen in the mega-rich,  superpower “China”. Or any other uncivilized non-Aryan nations/low-cultures.

Well, they aint got no time for those shits! aint  got no time for sympathy! aint  got no time for thinking! To them, its always “worthless animals”.

Oh wait, meat makes them strong & big!

Let them swallow all animals of planet earth. They will still  be nothing in front of   the weakest vegan Caucasian  male. They will never be able to beat Aryans, at-least when it comes to physical endurance, beauty or in the ring!  Mongols are meat eaters from the beginning of time, yet can’t  grow like this or even close.

An article From author of Pakistan Daily news paper :


Citizens are to do whatever they want with the animals that are caught or raised by them. Foxes, minks, rabbits, dogs and cats are brought in from different locations. They are placed in wooden cages that are located outside in the freezing cold or the blazing heat of the sun. The cages are then thrown around from place to place; workers not considering the fact that there’s an animal inside of the small cramped crate. Many times, when an animal is misbehaving, it is pulled out of the cage and is beaten to death for punishment.

Another reason why “a world with Caucasian races” is better even for innocent animal kinds.

They would at least  like to be treated with sympathy, love, mercy & respect– all of which, 3rd world ugly-races can never grow in their psychology & culture. They can never think about animals other than physical-objects born to be used for their purpose, only. For records, Non-Caucasian races could never think of  “ethical-behavior” towards living beings. Their food menu just got promoted from half-cooked monkeys to fried-chickens.

Raise a pig, dog, donkey, pony, monkey, duck, rooster whatever — it will be your best friend until death,  with unconditional love.  They will never let u down, never leave you alone , never cheat or something. They are the purest soul of nature. Your friends & family can dump you, but they wont, ever! Adopting them is anytime wise & better than adopting a 3rd world-kid.

57 thoughts on “A short-note on Mongoloid races & animal abuse

  1. This case is about Negroes. But It Just goes to prove more why non-Caucasian races in general are savage & unethical by nature.


    This is a N|GGER at his PRIMAL BEST: “Federal authorities say the pair made eight videos — bearing titles like puppy 1, whitechick & crushblackluvsample — that depicted puppies, chickens, kittens and other animals being tortured and killed.” … And if you think he wasn’t fucking the puppies, chickens, kittens BEFORE killing them, THINK AGAIN!
    ua-d4g_k3ll2rA Houston man and woman are being indicted for allegedly distributing snuff films online in which puppies and other animals were tortured and killed, federal officials said.

    Federal authorities say the pair made eight videos — bearing titles like puppy 1, whitechick andcrushblackluvsample — that depicted puppies, chickens, kittens and other animals being tortured and killed.

    The indictment (.pdf) on Wednesday of Brent Justice, 51, and Ashely Richards, 22, comes three months after they faced similar state allegations in Texas for producing and distributing the graphic movies, referred to as “crush” videos. The two remain in a Houston jail on the state charges and are set to appear in a Texas federal court next month to answer to the new charges.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it forwarded to the authorities footage that allegedly showed Richards “cutting the leg and slashing the neck and throat of a puppy before beheading the struggling animal with a meat cleaver.”

    More & more Feral subhumans torturing innocent animals as “fun-game” :

    TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) – A four month old puppy needs surgery after being brutally beaten by his owner.
    Police arrested Chad Benjamin, 31 of Taunton, Massachusetts, Monday for severely abusing his pit bull pup.
    An eyewitness, as well as the responding officer, observed the probabl
    e abuse. Benjamin was seen striking the puppy and dragging and lifting it by its leash as he walked the animal along a city street.

    The pit bull suffered broken ribs and internal injuries.

    The Taunton Gazette reported that Benjamin was held on $500 bail and is scheduled back in court on July 14. He’s charged with animal cruelty.


  2. “Yours truly”…Hungry Bottom

    “You bastard shut you mouth and put this stupid website in dirty asshole, Randi Ke bachhe apni maa ko kitno se chudwa ke paida hua tha”

    The truth:

    ” * ”


    “Look fag, I am banning your ass, ok? I don’t like your attitude.”

    Oh, please don’t forget to get your ‘bleeding’ arsehole attended to, and taken care of, medically, on an urgent basis. After all, health is the real wealth, ‘gandoo ki aulaad’ .

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  3. “look who’s talkin! a gutter rat from shithole-est nation “India”, the agony of a bastard civilization!”

    Actually you are the one who has chosen it, and not ‘me’ , Negro. I do understand that you are terribly scared but there has to be a way out, for somebody like me.


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  4. “it doesn’t have to be integral part of hindus’s meal, hindus willalways be filthy ugly cunts, its not in your mud genes bro”

    You are talking about yourself, and not me, ‘Tatti’.

    As I always say, stupid is as a stupid does.

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  5. “south-Indians eat more meat than Muslims, still their ugly face & Negrito Australoid aboriginal genome didn’t change! neither will yours! LMAO”

    Indian Muslims are the ‘ones’ who ‘actually’ consume ‘proper’ meat i.e. authentic meat actually forms an ‘integral’ part of their diet. You are quite the ‘idiot’ actually!

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  6. “south-Indians eat more meat than muslims, still the ugly face & negrito aboriginal genome didn’t change! neither will yours!”

    You idiot, the per capita consumption of meat in India is probably the lowest in the world while the same is a much higher 44.6 kgs in Saudi Arabia. In fact. meat is not an ‘integral’ part of the diet of the Hindus, not even in the South. Even in the case of Indian Muslims, meat ain’t exactly ‘heavily’ consumed.

    Also,Indian meat is of a poor quality.

    You suck, terribly, mostly!

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      1. Retarded Hungry Bottom

        You idiot, the per capita consumption of meat in India is probably the lowest in the world while the same is a much higher 44.6 kgs in Saudi Arabia. In fact. meat is not an ‘integral’ part of the diet of the Hindus, not even in the South. Even in the case of Indian Muslims, meat ain’t exactly ‘heavily’ consumed.

        Also,Indian meat is of a poor quality.

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  7. “thats the only time i could agree. Your mongrel-race looks ugly, neither have good-manners nor have decency. GOOD for nothing!”

    You idiot, everybody, especially the West Europeans, finds the ‘grass-eaters’ a little too ‘distasteful’ for their liking despite theirs being satisfactorily ‘nerdy’ and ‘gentle’.

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    1. lol clueless delhi-turd, talk about your own self & your own ape-people. West Europeans are not hypocrites like u, if they become vegan, they avoid all meat. If eat meat, they eat all type meats. they dont kill people for beef while eating their mutton/kfc chicken. your heterogeneous bastard country peoples have no morals/honesty. Your corrupted religion considers cow above all other animals including humans.

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      1. The Whites literally worship ‘physical’ beauty and ‘affluence’.

        Also, the Wild West has gone completely down the hill because of the ‘sexual revolution’ in the White States of America.

        You know ‘nothing’ ,


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    1. You bastard shut you mouth and put this stupid website in dirty asshole, Randi Ke bachhe apni maa ko kitno se chudwa ke paida hua tha


      1. Sheikh Chilli er ‘Donkey’ er Hungry Bottom

        In the first place, ‘fish’ ain’t exactly in the same league as beef, pork etc. etc.

        Also, Bengalis, in general, ain’t exactly very Indo-Aryan. They are a hodge-podge of three to four races mostly.

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    1. Pakistanis i.e. Punjabis, Pathans etc. etc. actually consume proper meat. Consequently, they are a lot less Beta than the grass eaters. Besides, there is a thing called ‘culture’. Indians have mostly been a lot more civilized er sophisticated than the ‘frontier’ people.

      Pakistanis despite their ‘rugged’ culture etc. etc. are nowhere as ‘Alpha’ as the other ‘Europeans’ and their ‘off-shoots’ where ‘proper’ meat is much, much more heavily consumed.

      Meat, indeed, has something which grass does not have or has very little of. It does make one a lot more Alpha. Period.

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  8. India and Sri Lanka is among the countries that consume least amounts of meat while your Pakistan and Saudi Arabia consumes tons of meat,What do you say about that?


    1. This vegetarian idiocy is nothing but a Buddhist import into Brahmanism. Grass eaters are considered to be the most Beta race on earth.

      The Kshatriyas were allowed to consume meat even in the proper Indo-Aryan societies, for a ‘reason’.

      Meat makes one ‘alpha’ . Period.

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      1. As I always say, stupid is as a stupid does.

        I never denied that, sitting duck! The Europeans and their off-shoots are indeed a much ‘healthier’ race than the East Asians.

        We er I was talking about the significance of consumption of proper meat, in general, all this while.


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