English people : most successful aryan ethnic group in whole Eur-Asia

The English/Saxonic people are one of the finest & best Aryanic people in the west Europe. Racially, culturally, linguistically they are an archaic part of Aryan people of Eur-Asia.

A great anthropomorphic study by Richard-D-Fuerle, talks about how politically correct,  mainstream science is ignoring the concepts of race & ethnicity:


Unfortunately Anglo-Teutonic world is in terrible mess.

  • Mixing with other inferior ethnic groups ,
  • mass diversity from non-Caucasian races of  Asia, Arab, East europe & Africa,
  • losing nation’s control to jews,
  • not having a generous birth rate

all these factors combined are making them extinct soon.

Apart from Australia & some southern part of USA, most Anglo-established nations are already gone!

In cities like London, its hard to find a pure native Anglo.
How to identify pure ethnic English & British isle people :

  • long blade thin, high bridged Caucasian nose
  • high cheek bone
  • large frontal cortex
  • fine plain silky hairs
  • thin or no lips
  • deep eye-socket
  • high cephalic index (by cranial measure)
  • different variation of melanin level leading to reddish skin tone, light eyes & hairs (blue eyes, brown & blond hair being most common)
  • perfect facial symmetry/ratio (by Fibonacci numbers)
  • large lower-jaws (from Neanderthals)
  • tall average height (around 5′11′’)

Social system :

patriarch, just like all other Aryan/Caucasian ethnic groups of Eur-Asia

culture & language :

English & germanic languages are part of proto-Aryan language family.


Its hard to believe how things went upside down– in matter of few decades!

Not saying anyone is/was 100% perfect but When the world was ruled by Anglos, it was sane, serene, calm, greener, less populated, wealthy, classy, innovative. We will never get back those 80’s/90’s era.

  • The people that invented computers or the Aeroplanes or the light bulbs
  • the people that once used to compare Irish with apes & Negroes as apes
  • the people that once sailed across the sea
  • the people that once used to uphold morality, class & decency
  • the people that once used to innovate vaccines/antibiotics

–are now happily getting their women impregnated by  all sort of ape-races. while they are shagging those little skew eyed, snub-nose mongoloid Chinese/filipino women. Even worse i have seen old Anglo males with abbos/negro women.

The once great Britain is being killed by a crypto-jew family.

The royals was long been invaded by hidden Jews. Prince Charles marrying the half-Negress (with dozens of plastic surgery+ killos of makeups+ hair straightening)–and the royals enjoying this episode! What else u need to get proof? Still some silly cuckold Brighton (without any clues) would lay their lives for fighting  mullahs on the command of  a 1/4th jewess queen & her crown.

Anyone being civic patriot & not a racialist–is the biggest idiot of 20th century. Penalty for such idiocy is extinction! If you become part of the 3rd world ugly ape-races, you lose all your glory/values , in first place. And no amount of money can buy them back!


And they wonder why they are getting down , day by day.

Race , morality & honesty is strength–to keep your race surviving!  Money, greed, diversity & mongrelization is not!!

Any Anglo-male reading this : How you still can turn the tables

start today! be the most evil person to get back control over your lands, nation & people.

  • Hit a apeface chicken-curry munching turd or a negro migrant,

homogeneous civilized world hate India

  • hit  a coal-burner you see on pavement

  • marry multiple times & have lots of Anglo-kids. Educate them to repeat the cycle.

UK is heading towards a beauty-crisis, just like India.


All top-models & general women are fake, from eyebrow to lips! the sickest part of jew-run society is , they urge you to mix race with ugly ape-races, & then suggests to  buy billions of $$ of makeups, plastic surgery, skin products, hair straightening etc. –to hide the result of corruption/mongrelization.

Trust me! in next 20 years! everything will be back to normal!

The choice is yoursssssssssss…………



14 thoughts on “English people : most successful aryan ethnic group in whole Eur-Asia

  1. https://www.quora.com/Are-Dravidians-South-Indians-Caucasoids-Negroids-Australoids-or-Mongoloids

    yeh ley madarchod chutiya sala

    I am from manali and its good we are not surrounded with fucking Muslims like you and ya I look good and better than any kashmiri any day so motherfucker no matter how much hate you gonna spread in the world about India you will never succeed

    I am light brown with a good face and belong to the aryan race motherfucker. I have fucked many girls in Australia from different parts of the world just waiting to fuck one pakistani but it will be accomplished soon haha
    height : 185 cm
    Education: Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a current Australian government officer ab bol madarchod


    1. lol all muslims in india are your same monkey-races. Converting to islam & holding “abdul” surname doesn’t make you similar to Caucasian muslims you ape-face, boot-lipped, shit-colored mongrel austro-dravid cunt


      1. Hello can you make an article about the Pulwama attack in Kashmir?
        Is this proof that Kashmiris are waking up against their Hindu apeface oppressors?


        1. racism is not overtly practiced in Muslim culture. But most arab & Caucasian Muslims are race conscious. Kashmiris always resist indian Dravidian autraloid muds. Been doing this for 5 decades since when brits left the shithole because of these trillions of turd people & handed over the ruling .


        2. Pulwama attack is carried out by Indians itself to weaken the Kashmir freedom movement .The Hindus wanted to invade Kashmir with ape faces from Dehli and Mumbai to change demography of Kashmir but Kashmirs are not giving up .They are sacrificing their lives for the protection of their girls .

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey have you ever heard of the kathua rape case?? Did you see how beautiful the victim is?? 😦 makes me feel sad such beauty is wasted her rapists are ugly af. I hope u make an article about that hindus love to complain about love jihad but rape their own women and beautiful minority women.


        1. The kathua-rape victim was a white kashmiri muslim girl (Aasifa), not one of those degenerate looking frog-faced dotheads.

          its nothing wondering actually, because beautiful Caucasian people are being raped by ape-people in india since stone age. This is why there’s no natural Caucasian beauty left in this shithole! mud-people has destroyed everything great & beautiful
          I’d rather die alone than breeding with an apeface mongrel indian .


    1. oh my! here goes the fake id apeface streetshitter with new fake ID . Jhon Rambo aka Jatin Ramanan. lol
      you wish you were as successful, bright & beautiful as English people! GO AND SPIT SHINE MY JACKBOOT–apeface half-abbo mixed indian turd!
      Soon we will have a notice board here :
      “No dogs or Indian scoundrels”


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