Jewish excellence : hype or reality?

Jewish excellence is the biggest hype of 20th century– most Jews are downright scammers.

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How Jews control & manipulate everything…from ICANN to DNA projects! — to suit their agenda

“The internet” is gigantic but still a privately owned organization

Just because they  own many  media-outlets , 

Just because they can buy degrees/ PHD’s/Noble prize

Just because they have many billionaires

—Doesn’t mean  they are real geniuses.

“Jewish intelligence” is over hyped to the level that now many people (specially conspiracy theorists) believe they are some hybrid creatures of alien’s / reptile gods! 

Why Jews are desperate to hype their achievements?

These people were always looking for some honor & prestige, because they never had any. Every high civilizations regarded them as parasitic, cunning, immoral, identityless waste-products– who can go down to the lowest, for money/self interests. Corrupting other people’s civilization, nation, race & culture is their oldest habit.

There’s actually very few things they made/discovered, that actually serve some great purpose  for humans.


  • Facebook? that’s a shithole. Making people fight each others over keyboard, while making monies out of their foolishness & infantile emotions.
  • Google ? its not the result of jew-brains but thousands of brilliant recruits, data scientists, programmers from around the world that made it what it is today.
  • YouTube? Great way of wasting hours after hours, watching PC bullshits.
  • Banking system? financial investment sectors? How many people actually made money investing? And how many lost their shirts? DO your own MATH!

The only people that kept getting richer, is those middlemen, brokers & marketing gurus — & these are the exact things Jews are mostly involved in!

How did many Jews suddenly become ultra-rich billionaires?

Well, by a big-fat chance, Jews became pioneer in the early 90’s internet revolution.

Jews got involved with online startups, when there were little to no competitors. So they almost  had a free-lunch! No body knew at that time that internet will expand like the universe. So these wretches just hit a jackpot!

Most jew billionaires are associated with internet businesses. Here are a list of few jew-owned internet startups   that made them billionaires :

From Paypal, to Facebook, They over-take things made by the brain & handwork of others.

For example, Facebook was a joint venture by a few hardworking young folks, the current jew-owner (Jukerberg) exploited them all & kicked them out one by one .

Many jew CEO’s CFOS (ex. Charlie Shrem) are now charged with fraud & illegal operations. But again, most allegations  get hidden as they have strong lobby in both administration & law-agencies.

Like i said, jew do anything to make money :

The 90% of porn industry is owned by Jewish media groups. Including all those  fake dating sites like

You have only heard about giant Jewish startups(like Facebook), but there’s many many more scam-projects they setup across the internet , to loot your monies!

Now they are shifting towards Bitcoin, crypto-currency & online investment.

Have you ever heard of a Trading company named FXCM? they scammed thousands of investors (looted hundreds of millions) by running an illegal dealing desk system for which, American Govt. (NFA- National features association) recently banned them & kicked all those jew-rats out of the nation.

There are countless examples of such Jewish scammer’s projects & ponzi schemes. Some of which, you will never even get to hear.

And you still wonder , How come Jews are so rich & successful?

All those IQ theories are bullshits! Thomas Alva edition was not the most intelligent dude, but it was his hard works that invented the light bulb!

I have failed 10000 times- & learnt 10000 new things that led me to invent the light bulb!  — Edison

Do Jews have such honest scientists?

Of course not! Lying, cheating, corrupted, troll eyebrow degenerate  Jews can buy Noble prizes or PHDs, or some press/marketing PR– but can never be genuine talents like Edison or Nicola Tesla.

Last Example :

Another evil Jewess, teaching working-class people “why they are poor”.  Trying to sell kosher-snake-oil in the name of options/stocks/money-market investing/gambling “with your hard-earned money”!

Suze Orman: Rich people all do this one thing that makes them even richer

A little search unveiled her reality:

14 reasons to Not Listen to Suze Orman

Suze Orman Sued For Fraud

Nothing surprising here! the more people they can lure into investing in finance-world (options, stocks, money markets), the more profit for their fellow Jewish brokers.


The best way to fight these wretches :

make sure that you don’t lose following:

  • control over your land’s ownership
  • your laws
  • your people
  • race-unity

Then you remain safe from the evil spells of Jews!

Remember! they are always looking for loopholes to corrupt you, to deceive  you, to weaken you & your dominance!

9 thoughts on “Jewish excellence : hype or reality?

  1. jew billionaire Mark Cuban : made most of his wealth via illegal insider trading & early internet startups(shitty stuffs). These east European Jews are now marrying into white Americans to hide their Jewishness.
    USA is brutally gang-raped by these losers.To hide their crimes, these so called -patriotic/american-republicans keep them busy in raising anti-Muslim sentiment.


  2. I agree with you here but something caught my attention the most when you mentioned in your article about Jews lying about DNA test which I find quite true.
    Apparently my uncle did a DNA test and he received 90% Middle east (Arabian peninsula) and about 8% European jewish(Iberian peninsula) and 2% Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden etc). Which means that my mother’s and her siblings aren’t so different. The problem is that we live in the Arabian peninsula which is a very isolated region in the middle east filled with tribes that do not mix and if you dare to mix your tribe kicks you out and you’ll be an outcast.

    But that’s not the case, Jews are followers of Judaism, modern day Jews are not semites, few that are semites which are the Yemenite Jews who are judiazed arabian tribes (Arabian tribes that converted to Judaism) who definitely lost their identity when they moved to israel and mixed out with euro Jews, Jews are trying to push agenda on peoples DNA tests, that the first humans are jewish.


    1. Be warned :

      1. its hard to determine human’s racial history via genetics . Ancient ethnic groups always moved from one place to another. Afghanistan was a full-Caucasian nation but ancestry testing now shows Afghanistan as part of mongoloid geography. Its impossible to know ancestors beyond 500years. Not saying its 100% lie but Ancestry genetic study is a Jew made pseudo-science. They made these theories to backup their community & own propaganda.

      2. As per jew invented human genetics theory :
      a)all races came from Negroes
      b)there’s no such thing as pure race
      Notice jew- scientists are the main puppets that keep parroting these theories 24/7.
      For example : 23 & me was founded by a lousy Jewess: (Anne Wojcicki)
      the youngest of three daughters, was born in San Mateo County, California. Her parents are Esther Wojcicki (née Hochman), an educator, and Stanley Wojcicki, a physics professor emeritus at Stanford University. Her mother is Jewish American, and her father is Polish. Her two sisters are Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube and a former executive at Google[2] and Janet Wojcicki, anthropologist and epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco.[3]

      Even after mixing with Caucasians of Eur-Asia & western Europeans(In USA), their turkish/mongoloid eyebrows & fat negro type lips are still prominent. Now think about how their pure Jewish ancestors looked like!

      SO take ancestry DNA testing with a pinch of salt! It can very well be another pathetic “jewish joke” meant for goyims.


    1. This ugly mongrel filled nation accommodated & befriended jews for thousands of years. Japan/Germany should have also purged India. Ratan Tata, the richest Indian billionaire is a vile jew who pretend to have his hands clean.

      Indians & these crypto-jews once tried to destroy Chinese youth by mass supplying narcotics, but China is homogeneous race, a big-united family! they destroyed all evil intentions of these rats.
      Jews looting billions using their indian goyims :

      Jews getting their girls impreganted by Indians, to estabilish foothold in all sectors of India :
      The chief communications officer and global affairs director of Gab is Utsav Sanguja
      He seems to be going to marry someone using the id @emrose91 Thats the picture of the cozy couple

      Some gab users have identified Utasab Sangijas bride to be @emrose91 as Emma Rosenthal a Jewess who also works at a DC Synagogue which is rumored to be a Mossad front


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