Reality of India & Indians

Exposing Real history, facts, myths of India Indians.

Nation of India= worst enemy for ethnic-minorities,homogeneous races,where miscegenation is a norm for greedy, corrupted , ethnic/racial identity-less scoundrels. Hence they resort to imaginary “Indian”/”Hindu” identity that doesn’t exist!
From kanya-Kumari to kashmir, from assam to nepal, republic of Bastardia (ugly bastrad nation) trying to destroy native races & diversity, to create the largest mongrel nation full of inferior,ugly half-Australoid slave races who are easy to be capitalized on, ruled & controlled.(by their capitalist,corrupted monkey-faced Baniyas backed by politicians & globalist judo-masters)
We will re-divide Indian -map & build homogeneous races on separate kingdoms, as it was in ancient times.Sending back the filthy, stinky,butt-ugly Australoid virat-indianwadi evil forces/rakhshas , ugly subhuman races back to lanka, malay & kumarikandam jungle(their homeland).
homogeneous civilized world hate India

Exposing Real history, facts, myths of India Indians.