How Indians destroyed white kashmiri native pundits–from Khawaja

In childhood,  I was raised in a orthodox Muslim family in the remote mountainous valley. So I always believed in equality, diversity & harmony.  After coming online & getting to know about the old-world, it was a rebirth for me. I'm still the same though. I posses no intention to harm against any race or … Continue reading How Indians destroyed white kashmiri native pundits–from Khawaja

Did Muslim & British colonials really use to rape Indian women?

Have to agree with Robert. Whites (& Caucasians in general) have a less-rapey cultures. If you notice  Serbian or Persian Muslims don’t rape women like 3rd-world non-Caucasian Muslims (Bangladeshi, African, Yemeni Muslims).

Two reasons for that:

1. The reason seem to be “openness toward sexuality” in western cultures.

People don’t want to do something they get to do a lot.
In western societies, men & women lose virginity well before 20s. Regular sexual acts are promoted & encouraged, which is the correct way of nature.

The society that forbids sex is just backward & least productive. Most religious societies (ex. India & Bangladesh, as Robert mentioned). Sexual repression is the feature of 3rdworld shitholes.

2. White & Caucasian men don’t find women of other races attractive, at all!

Now that its scientifically proven that Caucasian face is the most attractive of all, there’s no denying it.

Caucasian races have the perfect facial symmetry & geometrical harmony. So its not a made-up pseudo-science that even robots (artificial intelligence), computers, even “dogs” & feral animals find it most attractive.

The non-Caucasian ugly races can’t help it when they see beautiful white & Caucasian race women. If you notice the stats, (USA, for example), negro-males rape white women almost 90 times more than the otherwise. Its rare to find a white-man (in his sane mind) raping an Asian or Tamil or Bangladeshi or Indian or African woman, for example.

in this scope, id also  bring up some facts.

Indians nationalists(the ape-face dirtbags) claim that,

“Arabs, Afghans , Portuguese, Dutch & lastly British invaders wrecked a havoc on Indians, one of which is, “they used to rape Indian women (& specially High-caste Brahman women).”

No wonder, there are billions of Indian online who wrote these nonsense theories on wiki & other forums. Also crypto-Jews like Dr. Koenraad Elst are behind all these Indian-nationalist theories. (As India is a perfect goyim nation, run by Jews like Tata)

These contemporary records boasted about and glorified the crimes that were committed – and the genocide of tens of millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist and Jainist, mass rapes of women and the destruction of thousands of ancient Hindu / Buddhist temples and libraries have been well documented and provide solid proof of the World’s biggest holocaust.

How true is that?


you can notice a similarity between Indian & Jewish crybabies. They post hand-drawn anime-pictures to illustrate historic facts & events!


Form a Pakistani Hindu :

“It’s not so bad in Pakistan,” he said. “Hindus are not persecuted the way you may think. We don’t have it as bad as the Christians, Ahmadiyyas or even Shias these days.”

Case study 1 : Muslim rulers used to rape & convert infidel women in India , pre-Islamic-Arab/ancient-jew-world , also known as Love jihad

Again, goddamned painted anime pictures! They can never show a real picture.

To all Indian nationalists : really you curry-n*ggers?

I can bet, even the hungriest pervert in the arab & european world wouldn’t feel attracted to average Indian women (who surely used to look more uglier/ purer Australoid/aboriginal in olden era). Even in modern era, majority of Indian women are same goddamn ugly.

Why under the sun, an Arab-male want to rape an Indian woman, when he has such gorgeous women of his own?


Why under the sun,  British-males want to rape Indian women, when he got such gorgeous women of his own?

Foolish Indians! you lose the argument!

If  those Arabs, afghan, Pashtuns, Persian,  Portuguese, dutch, English invaders really raped you, you would be holding much more Caucasian genes today & would not look that gross & repulsive-faced.

You do realize that no decent males fantasize your women. No matter how much you paint them in white, make them swallow fair n lovely, spend millions of nose-jobs & plastic surgery, contact-lens, hair-straightening & so on. 

“your aboriginal mixed monkey-nosed , round-faced , frog-eyed Indian women are still ugly”. Not just my opinion, listen from a white male:


The best Indian woman Aishwariya Rai? oh dear, you don’t wanna look at her real face 30 years back!


Yes! We wuz sexy & dem Muslimz & britz raped our wimminz!


Its a historic fact that those elite Arabs, those elite British people never married Indians, they would disown their boys or girls marrying Indians. There are still Afghans in India (the descendant of those ancient rulers who built Taj-mahal & all the best places India is known for) that keep them separate from Indian ape-races, including Indian Muslims.

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Most Islamic cultures are pretty rapey, and India is rapey as Hell. All Latin America and all of Sub-Saharan Africa is rapey as all get out. All of the Caribbean is rapey. The Philippines is pretty damn rapey. India is probably the rapiest place on Earth. Generally speaking, the more Black and mestizo the place is, the rapier it is. South Asian culture is rapey as Hell, and Bangladesh and Pakistan would be rapey too if they were not Islamic. Rapeyness seems to be negatively correlated with how White or NE Asian a place is and positively correlated with South Asian, mestizo and Black cultures. Which of course is what any sane person would expect and is of course the exact opposite of what White-hating Western feminists propose.

Western feminists have decided that White culture and only White culture is afflicted with some bizarre thing called “rape culture” in which…

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