Shocking : millions of fake ids from Indian-nationalists — by Choudary

Recently I came up with a shocking observation, if you are online for years, you too should have faced many fake account trolls trolling on various topics. But this time, I got a shocking realization. Indian patriotic, nationalist brigades, supported & financed by their team BJP (bharatiya janata party) formed a cyber-troll army, to counter … Continue reading Shocking : millions of fake ids from Indian-nationalists — by Choudary


Aryans were Caucasoid sub-races only

Because it’s proven. Aryans were Caucasoid races only. Otherwise, why only Caucasoid races in Europe & Asia speak common Indo-European languages?  Why  Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Semitics (real or ancient Semitics were Afro-Asiatic— not Caucasian or Caucasoid), Australoid races of Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Pacific, Indonesia, Melanesia etc. don’t speak Aryan languages? Why Indo-Aryans of India … Continue reading Aryans were Caucasoid sub-races only

Indians & Pakistanis: same peoples?

Difference :: Indian & Pakistanis

INDIANS PAKISTANIS: SAME RACE? HELL NO! First of all, we need to learn about ancient map of south-asia . Today’s Pakistan,Sindhi, Punjab, Kashmir, north-west India etc. were part of central-Asian/Afghani Aryan diaspora. Despite the fact that these areas are now full of different non-Caucasoid/mixed races, pure Aryans/Caucasoid types can still be found at huge frequency. Thousands of … Continue reading Indians & Pakistanis: same peoples?