Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Reality of India & Indians India can be explained with these two words of wisdom : Once a bastard, always a bastard! If you don't stand for anything, you fall for everything! These people never had honesty, courage, truthfulness, loyalty, hardworking attitude-- this is why all sort of bad & evil things (from call-center-scamming to  … Continue reading Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Rape Crisis: why?

Rape Crisis In India

(from random blog-visitor Vijay) A brief analysis & details on rape crisis, fake cases, allegations, blackmailing in India, from an Aryan-Hindu perspective. Rape crisis in India Rape crisis in India is in discussion for a while now, across the world. Not all Indian males are rapists ,That's true as much as saying all of them … Continue reading Rape Crisis: why?