Nation India destroying Jats, the last ancient Aryan progeny in India — by Deep Singh

How Nation India is destroying Jats, the last ancient Aryan progeny in India -- by Deep Singh


Shocking : millions of fake ids from Indian-nationalists — by Choudary

Recently I came up with a shocking observation, if you are online for years, you too should have faced many fake account trolls trolling on various topics. But this time, I got a shocking realization. Indian patriotic, nationalist brigades, supported & financed by their team BJP (bharatiya janata party) formed a cyber-troll army, to counter … Continue reading Shocking : millions of fake ids from Indian-nationalists — by Choudary

Indus Valley peoples were Caucasians

Indus valley civilization was creation of Eur-Asian Caucasian races aka Aryans, who were the first agriculturalists of Europe & Asia. Srilankan Tamils vs Indian Tamils Genetics, linguistics & migration timeline suggest IVC peoples were Caucasians (Eur-ASian , either Semitic/west-Asian or Aryan, but they were one of the types of Caucasians). Tamils & other aboriginals of … Continue reading Indus Valley peoples were Caucasians

Most Caucasian Populations Have Significant Non-Caucasian Elements

Apart from Caucasus peoples, (ex. Georgians, Persians, Armenians) most of the world’s Caucasians are heavily mixed with non-Caucasoid races.

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

I received this comment today. I deleted the comment and banned the poster because he insulted me, but his comments are interesting nonetheless. His position is that most Caucasian populations are significantly admixed with non-Caucasian, and I am afraid he is right. There are probably few if any pure Whites or pure Caucasians.

The guy appears to be some sort of a Hindu nationalist type and he seems to be making a big deal out of the fact that Indians are mostly White, especially high caste ones of which he seems to be a part. He is quite offended by the idea that Indians are part-Australoid, but that is how they show up on some charts.

He says the Australoid component is more similiar to SE Asians such as Thai people. However, this Asian component also looks something like the Asian part of the Ancient Northeast Asian group. The Asian…

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Indian Hindus – Portrait of a Parasitical People

Any wonder why those Indian supremacist street-shitting trolls comes with fake ids? because they look like this! their munda-dravid mixed monkey-faces are soo ugly they hate their own looks

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Excellent post from the comments from Angie Cohen, a physician in New York City.

Angie Cohen: Bhabiji: This is going to be a lengthy post.

I have noticed that you have conveniently ignored a lot of Robert’s points in his post. Allow me to address them with facts and evidence. I will mention some of Mr. Lindsay’s points and address them vis-a-vis your convoluted rants defending Hinduism:

#1: Robert’s point on the sheer hypocrisy and hideousness of upper caste Hindus, especially the Brahmins.

He clearly mentioned their disdain for people whom they consider lower castes or “dalits,” while both defending the caste system, and when cornered with logic and facts, even denying the existence of Casteist- based discrimination and atrocities against lower castes by Brahmin & other upper caste thugs in India.

You seem to have ignored that and instead deviated to defending the evils of Puranic Hinduism and the…

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Kashmir is separate already – by Pandit Lal

Race wins over religion, blood is thicker than anything else, our ancestor dreams are encoded in our DNA, my fellow Kashmiris just proved these things  again. We are one of the oldest native Caucasian races of Asia, we were here, we will be here, we will resist every single enemies for survival of our peoples. … Continue reading Kashmir is separate already – by Pandit Lal