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How Nazis used to single out Jews

Nazis mostly used anthropology to spot Jewish peoples. Even a few decades ago when Jews did not mixed into native western Europeans that much, they used to resemble distinct Afro-Semitic/Arabic/Azeri/Armenian features. So it was easy to differentiate them from native races of west-Europe. Hitler & Nazis used to believe that Indo-Europeans or Eur-Asian Aryan race…… Continue reading How Nazis used to single out Jews

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Indians & Pakistanis: same peoples?

INDIANS PAKISTANIS: SAME RACE? HELL NO! First of all, we need to learn about ancient map of south-asia . Today’s Pakistan,Sindhi, Punjab, Kashmir, north-west India etc. were part of central-Asian/Afghani Aryan diaspora. Despite the fact that these areas are now full of different non-Caucasoid/mixed races, pure Aryans/Caucasoid types can still be found at huge frequency. Thousands of…… Continue reading Indians & Pakistanis: same peoples?

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Hate Indians – some legit reasons

Reasons for hate against Indians & why they are looked down upon: They are some of the worst hypocrites on the globe.Westerners are now slowly realizing what kind of filth & poisons they are accommodation via Indian-immigration.(specially when these parasites joined hands with Jews & Israel). They think, everyone speaking truth, is a Pakistani, Deshdrohi(traitor), Marxist,…… Continue reading Hate Indians – some legit reasons

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Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods

Concept of Deva & Asura: Vast differences between Hinduism’s version among Hindus Concept of ‘Devas’ came from aryan Hindus. That’s why you can’t find any Vedic hymns praising Asura (demons, devils), chandala, chamunda, rakhshas & all those 33 crore gods ( as can be found in modern day Hinduism). Veda is full of appraisal for…… Continue reading Concept of Deva, Asura, Rakhshahs & millions of Hindu gods

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Aryan Invasion Again and Why Narcissism Is the Core Indian Personality

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay:
Nelly (note fake British female name) an Indian nationalist, writes: I personally find it so funny that so many people hold onto the Aryan Invasion theory with such tenacity. This theory was made popular by Hitler, which is really funny because he was also the same person…

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Churchill Hitler & other westerner leaders on India

Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India, with historic references to their thoughts on India, her peoples, cultures & religions. Source: Churchill Hitler & other westerner leaders on India Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon & India Honest,real reviews from day to day westerners/civilized world:(Churchill Hitler Kissinger Nixon on India) The western genius peoples/legends that changed the world…… Continue reading Churchill Hitler & other westerner leaders on India

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Rape Crisis: why?

A brief analysis & details on rape crisis, fake cases, allegations, blackmailing in India, from an Aryan-Hindu perspective. Rape crisis in India Rape crisis in India is in discussion for a while now, across the world. Not all Indian males are rapists ,That’s true as much as saying all of them are NOT saints.Out of…… Continue reading Rape Crisis: why?