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The truth & reality of Indian beauty- from an Indian

from Charlie’s blog : single dude travel (shocking lack of attractive Caucasian type  women in India) Unfortunately, I have to agree with you Nikhil – despite being an Indian myself. You can’t run away from the truth. Fact is fact. Many negro males in the US openly rant that – Black is beautiful and next minute…… Continue reading The truth & reality of Indian beauty- from an Indian

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What ancient Aryans looked like

There’s a much debated  controversial topic around the globe. Were Eur-Asian Aryans blond & red-heads? Many authors bring historic statements, records & myths etc. & they are vague, contradictory  for most part. The most precise way to know the truth is to do anthropological & genetic analysis. The most precise scientific term will be Asian-Caucasians…… Continue reading What ancient Aryans looked like


North Korea: Homogeneity means superiority & power

Seems everyone (from democratic countries mostly) is jealous & talk nonsense to Kim Jong Un’s north-Korea. Guess what? they will never get the feeling of what it means to live in a homogeneous nation with same race peoples only. They look, think behave & act like family members. You can never feel alone, unsafe &…… Continue reading North Korea: Homogeneity means superiority & power

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Racist is a code word for anti-white? How true is that?

I’m a Punjabi & as far as i met white friends, i never seen racism in them. Most are highly professional & materialistic — which to some backward races seems as “racist attitude”. Because they are inferior low IQ  turds, with inferiority complex. Obviously success breeds jealousy. Even i see non-Caucasian races from subcontinent, srilankan…… Continue reading Racist is a code word for anti-white? How true is that?

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Aryans were Caucasoid sub-races only

Because it’s proven. Aryans were Caucasoid races only. Otherwise, why only Caucasoid races in Europe & Asia speak common Indo-European languages?  Why  Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Semitics (real or ancient Semitics were Afro-Asiatic— not Caucasian or Caucasoid), Australoid races of Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Pacific, Indonesia, Melanesia etc. don’t speak Aryan languages? Why Indo-Aryans of India…… Continue reading Aryans were Caucasoid sub-races only

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Did Jains hate Krishna?

I once heard from a Jain guru in Mumbai, on this very topic. He said, why he hated Krishna Krishna was a cunning person of humble Dravidian origin. (his physical features were : Black skin, curly hairs, fat lips etc.) Krishna brainwashed Arjuna into killing own Aryan clan peoples, in the name of “Dharma yudh”…… Continue reading Did Jains hate Krishna?

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The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs

None, because 97% real ethnic Kashmiris are now Muslims. There were 2 category of Hindu Kashmiris : Class one : That joined Muslims & separated from Virat-Indianization ( Hindus of different races across India — to save their ethno-racial identity. So those pro-separatist Pundits are actually now Muslims. Even Honorable prime minister Nehru was like…… Continue reading The types of Kashmiri Pandits & their political motifs